How Memory Can Improve Your Chess Game

When he was asked what single overriding quality was required to become World Chess Champion, Gary Kasparov replied 'a powerful memory'. In ■■■ 1985, he defeated Anatoly Karpov to become the youngest-ever world champion. He was barely twenty-two years old. Since then, Kasparov has been universally hailed as the greatest chess player who has ever lived.

A powerful memory can help players of all standards to improve their game. Beginners can learn simple opening moves and gambits, and club players can build up a bigger data base of previous games. Kasparov uses his memory to recall situations and moves from thousands of encounters he has stored in his head.

The following section is designed primarily for the beginner, but I also hope that the professional player will be interested in the economy of my method for memorizing a series of moves. An entire game, such as Boris Spassky versus Bobby Fischer in 1972 for example, can be recorded using a simple journey, with each stage representing one move.

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