Forming Your Images

There are four basic pieces of information to memorize when you are learning the FA Cup: the year, the winner, the runner up, and the score. The year is taken care of by the stage (1903 is at the third stage); the other three pieces of information can be translated into a single complex image, the sort you formed when learning how to memorize numbers in Chapter 4. The process is very simple:

Winner, I-oscr, Score = Person, Action, Person.

The choice of person and acuon for the winner and loser is entirely up to you, but you should follow the same principles as before. Use your imagination, and let the names of the teams suggest people to you. The first association is the most important.

It might be someone you know who is a fan of the team in question, or even a star player, a manager, a chief executive. Some people think of Gordon Strachan when they think of Leeds United, or Mark Hughes when they think of Manchester United. The obvious action for Arsenal is firing a cannon, the club's symbol.

If your knowledge of the game is limited, your associations might be more tangential. I imagine Robin Hood when I think of Nottingham Forest, and the action of firing an arrow. For Crystal Palace, I think of Richard O'Brien, the presenter of TV's The Crystal Maze.

To remember the score, use the DOMINIC SYSTEM to convert the figures into letters, which in turn translate into people. If the result is 3-2, for example, your person is Cilia Black.

The easiest way to combine person, action, and person in one complex image is by inventing a short storyline. So if Crystal Palace were ever to beat Nottingham Forest 3-2, I would imagine the bald O'Brien loosing an arrow in Cilia Black's direction. To make the sccnc more palatable, I would place an apple on Cilia's head.

Here are the results from 1901-1910, broken down into their constituent parts:




1901 Tottenham Hotspur


Sheffield United


1902 Sheffield Utd

1903 Bury

1904 Manchester City

1905 Aston Villa

1906 Everton

1907 Sheffield Wednesday

1908 Wolverhampton Wanderers

1909 Manchester United

1910 Newcastle United

Southampton Derby County Bolton Wanderers Newcastle United Ncwcasdc United Everton

Newcasde United Bristol City Barnsley

And this is how I remember some of them: 1901 Tottenham Hotspur vs Sheffield United 3-1

Year: 1901. The first stage of my second journey is the goal-mouth at my local club, which denotes 1901. Winner: Whenever I hear Tottenham Hotspur mentioned, I automatically think of Bob, my agent. He's a dedicated Spurs supporter. Loser: If no obvious association springs to mind, I rely on phonetics. The first syllable of Sheffield United is 'Shelf, which makes me think of a chef, whose action is cooking. Score: Using the DOMINIC SYSTEM, 3-1 translates into Charles Atlas (3 = C; 1 = A). Complex image: I imagine Bob dressed in full chefs apron and wearing a big white hat, preparing an enormous meal for a starving Charles Atlas who is sitting in the goal-mouth.

1907 Sheffield Wednesday vs Everton 2-1

Year: The seventh stage (1907) is the driveway leading up to the ground. Winner: To avoid confusion with Sheffield United, I concentrate on the word 'Wednesday'. This gives me a clear image of actress Wendy Craig. Loser: Everton reminds me of Eve; her action is tempting someone with an apple. Score: Bryan Adams (2 = B; 1 = A). Complex image: I imagine Wendy Craig walking slowly backwards down the driveway, tempting Bryan Adams with the lure of a crisp green apple. He is on his knees in beseechment, singing 'Everything I do I do for you'.

1910 Newcastle United vs Barnsley 2-0

Year: The tenth stage (1910) is the roundabout. Winner: Succcss at last for Newcastle United. I picture one of their most famous citizens, Spender, aka Jimmy Nail. Loser: Barnsley makes me think of barn dancing. Score: Bill Oddie (2 = B; 0 = O). Complex image: I don't suppose that Jimmy Nail would readily accept an offer to barn dance with Bill Oddie, but I imagine them both doing a merry jig around the roundabout.

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