Here is how I would remember some of the appointments from my imaginary January:

5 January: Golf lesson

The location is the 5th Stage, which is a fence. The key image is of my tutor chipping golf balls. He is knocking them over the fence.

7 January: Steve and Caroline's wedding

The location is the the driveway to a splendid manor house built by Sir Edward Lutyens (7th stage). The key image is of Steve and Caroline. They are making their way down the drive in a wedding carriage, dressed in brilliant white. Confetti is flying everywhere.

9 January: Board Meeting, Head Office

The location is a wooden stile (9th stage). The key image is of my boss. He is trying in vain to conduct a board meeting, and he looks a little silly sitting on the stile.

15 January: Giving a dinner party

The location is the river bank (15th stage). The key image is of my guests sitting around a table. They are on the river bank, waiting impatiently for someone to catch a fish so they can get on with their dinner.

28 January: Insure car

The location is the hotel (28th stage). The key image is of my car, badly crumpled at the front. It has been towed to the hotel car park. This depressing image would shock me into re-insuring it.

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