Daily Routine

Spend a little time every day reflecting on the same area of your past until you feel you have exhausted every avenue of retrieval. It's possible you never will.

Ever)' time you return to the scene, you will be starting with a clearer, more comprehensive picture. It's a bit like assembling a jigsaw puzzle: each detail adds something to the overall image. Don't be surprised if you move the pieces around, making corrections in matters of detail.

I have just had to alter the layout in my parent's back garden. One morning I realized that a certain cherry tree I had recently 'rediscovered' had, in fact, been chopped down years ago. I suddenly recalled the sensation of tripping over its stump and stubbing my toe. In turn, that reminded me of our next-door neighbour - someone I had completely forgotten - and his tantrum when the tree crashed through his fence.

How far back can you go? I can recall shaking the wooden bars of my cot, aged two. My mother predicted that I would be a boxer one day, given the way I was developing my infantile biceps. She wasn't far wrong. I did get a pair of boxing gloves for my tenth birthday.

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