Court Carps

There is no need to translate the court cards into letters, as they are already people. Once again, let them trigger off associations with people you know, or with public figures. I have listed below some suggestions to help you, but come up with your own as well.

Personally, I associate clubs with aggression, diamonds with wealth, spades with brunettes, and hearts with sex symbols.


Jack of clubs Queen of clubs King of clubs

Jack of diamonds Queen of diamonds King of diamonds

Jack of spades Queen of spades King of spades

Jack of hearts Queen of hearts King of hearts


Jack the Ripper Margaret Thatcher Saddam Hussein

Gerald Ratner The Queen John Paul Getty

John Travolta Iiz Taylor Ronald Reagan

Jason Donovan Cindy Crawford Paul Newman

ACTION Ripping

Swinging handbag Burning oil wells

Wearing diamonds Writing out cheques Driving Rolls-Royce


Popping champagne Standing on podium

Wearing coloured coat ...That's my secret Playing pool

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