Ihopc that you have enjoyed reading this book and that you are already putting some of the methods into practice. Don't try doing too much in « one go; see it as a training programme. An athlete, after all, doesn't get fit overnight, and your brain is like a very sensitive and powerful muscle. A little bit of practice every day is much better than a burst of activity followed by frustration. Practice makes a perfect memory.

Apart from the basic principle of using a mental journey, there is one particular aspect of this book that I would like you to take away and use immediately in your everyday life: the DOMINIC SYSTEM. This makes the world an easier place to remember; without it you won't fully reap the benefits of a trained memory. It plays a central role in the mental diary, speeches, history, geography, cards, job interviews, appointments. Numbers are everywhere and it's worth spending time on a system that makes them accessible and memorable.

The DOMINIC SYSTEM is a language, but you will only be communicating with yourself. Let it adapt to your own needs and idiosyncrasies. I have given examples to show you the basic grammar, but you must develop your own patois and vocabulary. The system makes the unintelligible world of numbers intelligible. What makes sense to you might be garbage to me, but if it works, use it.

I said at the beginning of this book that you would be asked to create a lot of strange and bizarre images. Don't be overwhelmed by the sheer number my method requires. They are, I believe, the best way of storing information in your head, providing you use your imagination. Your memory loves images. There are few filing systems in the world that could match the brain for size or efficiency, when images are used in conjunction with a journey.

Don't forget my whole approach to memory has adapted and evolved over time. Yours must do the same. I have showed you the basic principles. Apply them and you arc well on the way to developing a perfect memory. Good luck!

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