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One of the journeys I use for football begins in the goal-mouth of our local ground. Because I have to carry around so many routes in my head, each one storing a different sort of information, it helps if the beginning of the journey is somewhere appropriate. The journey I use to store golfing information, for example, starts at a familiar golf course; the one for horse racing results begins at nearby stables; another for motor racing starts at a local garage, and so on.

Here are the first ten stages of my FA Cup journey, with corresponding years:







Car park


Centre of pitch






Ground entrance


Changing room


Petrol station






Personally, I use three separate journeys to remember the FA Cup, but there is no reason why you shouldn't use one long, epic route. I find that breaking it down into three helps me access the information more quickly.

First journey: results from 1872-1900. This is a normal 50 stage route, except that 1 start at the 22nd stage. Second journey: results from 1901-1950. A normal route with 50 stages.Third journey: results from 1951-2000. Another 50 stage route, allowing me to update the information as we progress towards the millenium.

This approach allows me to locate instantly, for example, the result of the 1984 final between Everton and Watford: I simply go to the 34th stage of the third journey. (Everton won 2-0.)

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