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When I was at school, I just about managed to scrape through with passes in O level French and Spanish. I can't help feeling slightly resentful today h about the way I was taught. The ability and good intention of my teachers is not in doubt, but I bitterly regret the methods they used.

If only I had learnt how to train my memory when I was tiiirteen rather than thirty! I am convinced that I would have sailed through all my exams with top grades, using the principles that you are about to discover. School life would have been so much more productive and enjoyable. The amount of study, for example, would have been halved, freeing up more time to devote to other subjects or interests.

Instead, I progressed with all the speed of a garden snail. I never looked forward to lessons, least of all to language classes. There was no incentive to study, no desire to remember. I felt overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information I was expected to learn, living in perpetual fear of 'vocab. tests' on a Monday morning. And as for exams! At best they could be described as boring. Most of the time they were a nightmare.

My troubles were further compounded by the suspicion that I suffered from dyslexia. The written word was not my natural medium. I could never understand why people got excited about the prospect of lying on a beach with a good book. I equated books with work and effort; they represented the classroom. What chance did I have learning a foreign language if I couldn't even read my oAvn?

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