Area Number Shape

Garden 0 Football

Bedroom 1 Telegraph pole

Spare room 2




A rather tasteless porcelain swan ornament sits on the dresser (that's why it is in the spare room).

I always keep these handy at the top of the stairs in case I have to arrest an unwelcome intruder.

The seascape oil painting above the fireplace depicts a sailing boat.

Why are the curtains drawn in the kitchen?

An elephant's trunk acts as a shower attachment (another tasteless feature, I am afraid.)

The next stage is to work out where each person has been allocated. This will give you the all-important code number (between 0 and 6) for the year you have been asked. If someone says they were born in 1972, for example, you need to know that George Bush (GB = 72) is in the bathroom, which gives you the code 6.


Kitchen 5

Bathroom 6 (downstairs)

Sail boat

Curtain hook

Elephant's trunk

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