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Exercise 7 Relaxation For Improved Awareness

Deep relaxation relieves tension & fear, and strengthens the immune response to disease. By relaxing your body, your mind becomes calm and clear while your brain wave activity is slowed to the alpha state (7 to 14 cycles per second). You can create your own relaxation cassette tape or have someone read the following relaxation dialogue to you or you can mentally and progressively repeat the following points to yourself. To begin, assume a comfortable, seated or reclined position. Now close your eyes, and take several easy, deep, abdominal breaths. When you inhale, say to yourself, I am, and as you exhale, say to yourself, relaxed. Now starting with your toes and feet, bring your conscious awareness to each foot, and flex and relax each one individually. Say to yourself, In every way I am feeling better and more relaxed. Now move up to each leg and flex and relax each leg. Now be aware of your buttocks. Flex and relax your buttocks. Now bring your conscious awareness to your abdomen...

Relaxation Techniques

It usually takes more than sheer willpower to achieve a state of inner calm when you're anxious or upset. That's where relaxation techniques can come in. These are methods of conditioning you to dial down the psychological and physiological components of the stress state. Most of these techniques are easy to learn, though some do require a bit of practice at first. Consulting briefly with a clinical psychologist or another practitioner with specific expertise in this area is often a good way to get started alternatively, there are a number of well-produced instructional books and videos available. The relaxation response. This is a technique developed over time more than thirty years ago by Herbert Benson, a cardiologist at Harvard, as part of his effort to help patients combat the physiological underpinnings of hypertension and hypertensive heart disease. The relaxation response is intended to lower heart rate, blood pressure, and respiratory rate. In order to attain the relaxation...

Applications of dynamic relaxation

Many pregnant women suffer from so-called morning sickness as their body assumes its new shape. Nausea and vomiting stem from an unconscious rejection of the fetus, which is perceived as a foreign body. Dynamic relaxation helps future mothers become aware of their new corporeal structure, causing morning sickness to disappear. Athletes can improve their performance by developing an awareness of the physiological effects training has on their body, and by transforming equipment (skis, paddles, balls, javelins, etc.) into extensions of their own body. The process resembles what happens when you buy a new car at first, unsure of the vehicle's dimensions, you have to be extra careful not to run into anything when you drive. But in only a few weeks the car's structure becomes so deeply engraved in your brain that you can avoid obstacles by only a couple of inches with hardly any thought or effort. In other words, you develop an intuitive awareness of the car as an extension of your body....

Caycedos Dynamic Relaxation

Caycedo had the idea of developing a series of what he called dynamic relaxation exercises. He collected techniques from various eastern sources (yoga, Zen Buddhism, etc.), evaluated their effectiveness by measuring results on an EEG (electroencephalogram) and then organized the best of them into a three-step method. Why did he turn to the east for inspiration Simply because eastern philosophies seem more oriented towards exploring the workings of the inner mind than those developed here in the west - the separation of mind and body is so deeply engraved in our culture that, despite an overwhelming amount of research showing the fundamental link between the two, many people still cannot understand how physical exercise, for example, can have an impact on the way they think or feel. Dynamic relaxation, combining oriental and sophrological methods, is usually taught to groups. Entering a sophronic state greatly enhances the effects of physical movements, and makes them easier to learn....

Relaxation and Meditation

Take three deep breaths, holding on the inhale. Now visualize a silky smooth liquid of total relaxation and sense it entering your toes. As it does, feel the toes relaxing. Sense each muscle, each fiber, and each cell relaxing. Allow this soothing, healing relaxation to flow up into your pelvic area, your abdomen, your solar plexus, and into your torso. As the feeling of relaxation reaches the torso, sense it splashing down your arms, filling up the palms of your hands, your wrists, and your fingers into the fingertips. The relaxation permeates your shoulders and neck and fills your head and face. Every muscle in your body is now bathing in silky smooth, soothing relaxation. You are now completely relaxed. Meditation is also an Optimal form of relaxation. In Conversations with God, Neale Donald Walsch said You will gain in-sight when you look within. . . . If you do not go within, you go without. In 1977, I began the daily practice of transcendental meditation and subsequently learned...

An amazing experience

Now if you please, divide yourselves up into groups of two, one instructor and one pupil per group. Pupils please stretch out on your back and concentrate on alpha By 'alpha' he meant a special kind of relaxation technique he'd taught us earlier. Each instructor will choose a subject at random from the pile of files on the table over in the corner. Pupils will then attempt to form a mental image of the subject and diagnose his or her health problem. Instructors should take notes and encourage their pupils, without providing any information, of course.

Unconscious Problem Solving

Some of the greatest thinkers were great relaxers. Einstein was a daydreamer and spent much of his relaxation time sailing on a lake. Ralph Waldo Emerson enjoyed fishing. It's all very well to work hard on a problem under the stressful pressure of deadlines, but the opposite condition of relaxation and not working on a problem is very valuable. A practical application of this technique is to saturate yourself in the problem and then take a break. Write down the problem on a writing pad and leave it by your bedside. The next morning, take that pad and start writing down your ideas. Aim to write three full pages of anything that comes to mind. Explore your dreams. We all dream, and we all dream a lot more than we think we do. As you get into bed, say out loud Tonight I am going to dream about (including a brief description of the problem). When you wake up, lie and bed and think some more about the problem. The important thing is not to try too hard. Go with the flow. Incubate.

Reading thoughts through colors

An aura's color is an indication of a person's emotional state. Blue signifies a state of calm, concentrated relaxation. Red is an indication of violent emotions. Red and blue are the two basic color that comprise all auras. Distractions, worries or fears that arise after a period of calm will appear as red splotches mixed with the predominant blue. Anger will produce a large red aura (the expression 'to see red' is appropriate in this context). Red is also indicative of some imbalance in the organism, or of a physical wound. It is interesting to note that clairvoyants often perceive psychological problems as a reddish glow.

Concentration Exercise

It is important to do this exercise at least once each day at a convenient time for you. Many people do it first thing in the morning. Most people find that this relaxation exercise helps them concentrate better throughout the day. It can be repeated prior to any situation where concentration is important.

The Future Of Sophrology

On the other hand, access to sophrology is not limited to a chosen few. For sophrology to be effective, it must be applied as a preventive measure as well as a cure. Caycedo also organized seminars designed for the public at large, in which people were taught how to benefit from sophronic relaxation techniques, and how to make sophrology a part of their day-to-day lives. He tried to help people establish what he called 'a psychological barrier against disease' and labeled this aspect of his work 'social sophrology.'

Exercise 32 Achieving Autonomic Muscle Control Cooling The Forehead

This is the last in this series of 6 autogenic training exercises. Each of the exercises must be learned before proceeding to the next in sequence. Unlike yoga, autogenic training does not involve difficult postures or breath control exercises. There is no equipment and there is little time actually devoted to practice (5 to 10 minutes 3 times per day). Yet learning this ingenious combination of suggestion and conditioning will enable you to bring about deep therapeutic relaxation under stress automatically. With just a thought, you can relax any part of your body at any given moment during your day.

Exercise 161 Making Yourself Too Heavy To Be Moved

Relaxation must be both physical and mental. The individual must allow his mind to settle down into his center of gravity without his body becoming limp. Be aware of your center when you move as well. When you walk, sense your movement originating from that point below your navel rather than leading with your head. With practice, you will begin to move more smoothly. It sometimes helps the centering process on slippery surfaces to push off on each step with the ball of the foot.

Harnessing Your Creativity

However, it is the alpha state, some 8 to 12 waves per second, that we are increasingly realizing is very important. It is when many people have their best ideas, when your imagination is really working. Some people manage to reach this state easily, for example, in a really good creative session such as the one described in the day in the life of Annie's brain. Others need consciously to seek to lower the speed of their busy daytime brain, through techniques such as brain gym, autogenic training, yoga, or other methods of relaxation. Or, it could be through really concentrated effort that you some

Here are a few examples

By developing his faculties of relaxation and concentration, a Russian researcher, Karl Nikolaiev, was able to demonstrate amazing powers of telepathy. Before receiving a telepathic message, Nikolaiev would usually require about half an hour to achieve a state of total relaxation.

How colors affect children

Because their visual faculties are still relatively fresh and unencumbered by words, children make excellent subjects - simply getting them to visualize the spectrum of colors from red to violet is usually enough to induce a state of alpha relaxation. Participants first learn to visualize colors in order to attain a state of complete mental and physical relaxation. They then learn to use the alpha state to make changes in their personality and behavior. They learn how to change their self image, erase negative modes of behavior and substitute them with positive experiences. They then apply the same methods to attain specific goals like developing their intuition or a paranormal faculty like ESP, in order to acquire firsthand proof of the effectiveness of the technique.

Center of Creation Imagery

Bring about a feeling of inner relaxation in the whole body concentrate on the body and become aware of the importance of complete stillness. . Develop your awareness of the body from the top of the head to the tips of the toes and say in your mind My mind is still, still, still and my body is relaxed, relaxed, relaxed . . Complete stillness and complete awareness of the whole body say again in your mind My mind is still, still, still and my body is relaxed, relaxed, relaxed. . Continue your awareness of the whole body the whole body the whole body. .

How can you enter the alpha state

It's very simple sitting down in a quiet place, staring off into space and not thinking about anything in particular will increase alpha wave emissions. You can also learn some relaxation technique, or practice a method like sophrology. One criticism aimed at the stimulation of alpha activity through bio-feedback is that it does not induce a state of relaxation, as manufacturers of various bio-feedback devices claim. In fact, the opposite is true relaxation stimulates alpha activity. So why use a machine Teaching people to relax using a method like autogenic training, sophrology or mind control, should be more than adequate. This has actually been proven by testing bio-feedback devices on skilled yogis - results are always exceptionally positive.

Mental Dynamics In Search of a Unified Theory

Although psychocybernetic techniques are usually practiced in a state of ordinary relaxation, I was convinced that the same techniques could be doubly effective if applied to persons in an altered state of consciousness. For that reason I became interested in self-hypnosis, biofeedback and sophrology. It was while attending a seminar based on Silva's Mind Control technique

Exercise 199 Speed Reading At Over 2000 WPM

As an exercise in speed reading, first look over the material in its entirety by turning all the pages and skimming for the general gist of the material. Look at the table of contents note subdivisions and review summary paragraphs. Determine where the book intends to take you. This preliminary increases the assimilation process. Also, make sure that you're in a relaxed, comfortable position with good posture (review Exercise -- Relaxation For Improved Awareness ). It's important to be in a proper state of readiness before actually beginning. In actual practice, if you used a lazy S hand movement or made a series of overlapping circles down the printed page at varying high speeds for one half hour per day with no thought of comprehending and paying attention to only the white areas of the page, in six weeks your brain would be comprehending the words, and you would be reading at thousands of words per minute

Anxiety impedes reading

Paraliminal Audio - Paraliminal audio is a strategy devised by Paul R. Scheele that produces profound mental relaxation and focus. I highly recommend these audio tapes CDs for balancing brain hemispheres, releasing tension, and focusing for recall. I particularly recommend the Paraliminal tape CD, Memory Supercharger available from Learning Strategies, Corp.

Exercise 183 Mental Projection Into Objects

As an exercise, assume a relaxed position in a chair or couch and do some deep, rhythmic breathing (review Exercise -- Relaxation For Improved Awareness and the breathing exercises). With your eyes closed, imagine yourself blowing up like a balloon -- larger and larger, while 'feeling' yourself getting bloated and round. Let yourself get as big as the room, as big as the house or as big as you can imagine yourself being, then stop and 'feel' yourself that way. Now reduce yourself gradually down to normal size again. Next, visualize yourself getting smaller and smaller like a shrinking man. Let yourself 'feel' the shrinking process as you grow smaller and smaller until you are as small as you possibly can imagine, then stop and 'feel' yourself that way.

Exercise 196 Levitation

Now sit or lie down in a comfortable, relaxed position and take several, deep, abdominal breaths. Progressively relax all the muscles of your body from your toes to your head. With your eyes closed, roll your eyeballs upwards and say, Relax to yourself. Feel your whole body in a relaxed state and clear your mind (review Exercise -- Relaxation For Improved Awareness and Exercise -- Learning Self-Hypnosis ). Now using a mental kinesthetic rhythm, visualize your body pulsing with energy upwards in a slow lifting motion as you inwardly say, Lift Lift, and feel your body acquiring a sense of lightness. Let your mind harmonize its brain wave level with the resonant frequency of the earth at 7.82 cycles per second. The synchrony of the mental affirmation, Lift, with the pulsing visualization upwards takes practice, but eventually your mind body thought process will tangibly manifest itself in a physical way and levitation will be achieved. Once achieved, it will not be difficult to repeat.

Exercise 212 Functioning on Little or No Sleep at

How much sleep do we need Thomas Edison slept only 4 hours per night, thus adding 10 more years to his wakeful life. On July 8, 1943, Senora Ines Fernandez, 57, started a sleepless period that lasted over 30 years While standing at her cottage door in a town in southwest Spain, she watched a religious procession and suddenly felt a searing pain in her head. She never slept again No pills or medicines worked and doctors determined that this total insomnia was a result of the impairment of the sleep center of the brain. There have been other cases like this on medical record, but the phenomenon is extremely rare. In all studied cases of little or no sleep, individuals engaged in brief periods of dreamy relaxation during the day or night to recharge their body and mind. Through research with electrosleep (artificially induced sleep via electrodes that pulse a mild electrical current into the brain), it was learned that total relaxation cuts the necessary sleeping time down considerably....

Exercise 176 Learning Self Hypnosis

To begin this exercise, go to your bedroom after dark and extinguish all lights except one -- about the intensity of a nightlight or candle. Arrange the light so your eyes look upwards or slightly higher than a straight ahead look. Now lie down in bed or get comfortable in an armchair. Breathe abdominally and rhythmically for a few minutes and let your mind wander. Start to relax all the muscles of your body by progressively starting with your feet and working upwards towards your head (review Exercise -- Relaxation For Improved Awareness ). Bring your conscious awareness to each area of the body and allow its relaxation to take place. Do this slowly and methodically. After you do this several times, the relaxation process can be done almost instantly. Now raise your eyes so that you can see your little nightlight. There should be a slight strain on your eyes while gazing at the light. Continue looking at the light until you feel pleasantly drowsy. (In lieu of the light, you can roll...

Exercise 3 Defusing Negative Emotional States

Anchor a relaxation state properly, the next time your recognize that your are tense or anxious, you can replace anxiety with calmness by triggering the anchor for relaxation. If you can recognize fear when it pops up, simply repeat the anchor for confidence. When procrastination pops its ugly head, activate your anchor for enthusiasm or decisiveness to counteract it. Of course, the more consciously aware you become of the haphazard anchors that produce your negative states, the better able you can be in defusing these anchors and installing positive states.

Exercise 184 Astral Projection Techniques

As an exercise, choose a time when you're completely alone. Lie down and relax in a comfortable position (review Exercise -- Relaxation For Improved Awareness ) and take 10 to 20 deep, abdominal breaths. Now while breathing slowly and with your eyes closed, imagine yourself in a room on the second floor of a house. There is a window in front of you. Go to the window and open it. Imagine yourself floating out of the window and looking down at the ground. Now float back into the room and over to your body lying on the bed. (You could also visualize the sensation of falling through the air once you're out of the window.) Hover over your body from 6 feet in the air and look down at yourself. Concentrate and feel your conscious awareness hovering at a point 6 feet above you. Imagine yourself very light and observing your own body features from 6 feet away (review Exercise -- Pain Control Via Detachment ).

Exercise 220 Making The Time

As an exercise in utilizing all time morsels of the day to your advantage, carry a little jingle bell in your pocket as a periodic reminder. Every time you hear the little bell tinkle, practice one of the manual exercises. Stop exaggerating in conversations (review Exercise -- Honesty For Better Clarity ). Issue positive statements to yourself and those around you (review Exercise -- Positive Affirming, Positive Living ). Drink in and absorb the simultaneity of your surroundings (review Exercise -- A Multiple Hearing Acuity ). See and don't just look at the diversity of your environment, and consciously remember more (review Exercise -Observational Recall ). Eliminate tension and stress in your life (review Exercise -Relaxation For Improved Awareness ).

Exercise 177 Self Induced Trance

This exercise should be done with a partner to guide you at first, but later it can be achieved on your own. Assume a comfortable position and relax all the muscles of your body from your feet to your head (review Exercise -- Relaxation For Improved Awareness ). Breathe rhythmically and deeply during this process.

Understanding And Remembering

At first, you will not remember very much. With consistent practice and relaxation, your subconscious will begin to remember better than you ever have before. If you work only on the skills that are easiest for you, you will develop only a part of the Rapid Reading skills. Remembering cannot be done well while you are tense. If you work on relaxation while you continue to work on remembering, both skills become stronger.

Exercise 195 Psychokinesis

Developing a psychokinetic ability is similar to other things in your life. You must have a desire to achieve it. You must believe it is possible for you to have it and you must expect to get it. After watching Uri Geller bend spoons and other metal objects on British TV, hundreds of onlookers wound up performing the same feats in their own homes For this exercise, assume a comfortable, relaxed position in a chair (review Exercises -- Relaxation For Improved Awareness and Rhythmic Breathing To Harmonize Body Mind Processes ). Now slowly take several deep, abdominal breaths by inhaling to the count of 4, holding it to the count of 4, exhaling to the count of 4 and pausing to the count of 4.

Exercise 20 Meditation

Devotees to transcendental meditation (TM) have displayed increased alpha and theta waves as well as a decreased blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen consumption. Correspondingly, this also promoted better relaxation and reduced anxiety during their normal day. In fact, it has been shown that crime is sharply reduced in the immediate vicinity of a group of consistent meditators. Beneficial health effects are also prevalent amongst meditators, especially in the relief of stress and its corresponding related diseases. Like all skills, meditation takes practice to derive its ultimate benefits. The more you practice it, the better you get at it. Even beginning meditators will benefit though from a growing peace, calmness and relaxation within their inner being.

Exercise 169 Solving Problems With Intuition

Now get into a comfortable, relaxed position and do some deep, abdominal breathing (review Exercise -- Relaxation For Improved Awareness ). Quiet your mind. Concentrate and review your problem thoroughly from all angles with as much information as possible. Suspend your judgment then simply 'let go' and don't think about the problem anymore. Allow yourself a sense of alert awareness. Tune in and be aware of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. Visualize yourself on a relaxing train journey crossing the country. Feel calm and relaxed as town after town, home after home pass on by. With no thoughts of any cares or worries, you're simply observing the world go by. By letting the logical mind rest, the intuitive mind often comes up with the answers after your conscious focus has been switched away from it. Do this stating of the problem and letting go procedure just before you meditate or go to sleep and the solution will frequently pop up later.

What do you do to make sure there is enough laughter in your lifeJ

Certainly, we know that music can reduce stress levels, aid relaxation, and influence our mood. Our heart beat, for example, will reduce in speed if we are listening to music with a slow, stately beat. Repetitive music can help induce a state of trance. And the soothing undulation of a lullaby has for generations sent us to sleep as infants

Exercise 145 Imagine and Mind Walk Your Goals

And tension to dissipate (review Exercise -- Relaxation For Improved Awareness and the breathing exercises). Allow yourself to slip into a twilight state of mind just before the sleep level (review Exercise -- Learning Self-Hypnosis ). Now use your imagination and create an image of what it would feel like if your dream or goal were fulfilled. Visualize it for 7 seconds. Don't just imagine a passive scene, but fully associate yourself with the goal experience of an active, vigorous scene. Add to the goal as many details as you need, and visualize it again for 7 seconds. Add to your vision all the sensory data and feelings of accomplishment you intend to achieve upon your goal's realization. See where you want to be. Hear the sounds of the people involved. Feel textures and smell fragrances in your visualization. Emotionalize with it, and visualize it in this way for 7 seconds. Mind walk the whole imagery through to completion. Think prosperity, achievement and success, and create a...

To Develop An Ongoing Reading Program And Be Able To Easily And Consistently

READING PROGRAMMATION AND RELAXATION If you have to consciously think about what you are doing as you are using a skill, the skill development level is not very high. It is only when you can automatically do things does the skill level rise. If a baseball player had to think about the pitch that has just been made to him, and had to consciously follow the path of the ball, he would never be able to get the bat off his shoulder. The batter swings instinctively at the ball or instinctively lets it go by, if it is out of the strike zone. There is never time to make a decision. The reading skill is the same. If you have to consider any one of the skills you have to use while reading, you will never reach a high level of skill attainment. All the skills you have been exposed to and have practiced must be used easily and automatically. Each skill is separate, but nevertheless linked to the others. Yet one skill - that of RELAXATION - is the most critical of all. No skill, mental or...

How To Recognize Tension

It is not unusual for you to be unaware of the presence of tension. Many people develop great tension when they sleep. They even grind their teeth while sleeping. While sleeping, it is possible for your eyes to be tense and strained. When you wake up with tired and smarting eyes, it is because of that tension while sleeping. As you learn to relax more effectively, you will find that you not only read much more effectively, but all areas of your life will be positively affected because of your learning the relaxation skill. When reading and becoming involved in other skill activity areas, the area most singly affected by tension is that of the head. The head area will be used to demonstrate tension. You will be asked to tighten muscles in different parts of the face and head to simulate and demonstrate tension and then relaxation. Once you learn to recognize tension and then learn to release it through relaxation, you can do this at any time, in any place. You can begin to eliminate...

Instructions And How To Get The Most Out Of This Program

Parts One through Five are all directional and instructional. Part Three, for example, teaches relaxation techniques that allow you to read and learn comfortably without tiring. Use these parts often in review and when seeking information regarding directions or instructions.

Exercise 33 Consciously Creating Your Emotions

For an exercise in creating happiness, let's assume a comfortable, relaxed position (review Exercise -- Relaxation For Improved Awareness ). Take a few deep, abdominal breaths with your eyes closed. Relax all parts of your body progressively from your toes to your head. Use an environment record or tape of a seashore, coun try scene or other calming background music and play it while visualizing to yourself how you would look in a happy scene. Put animals or happy people playing in your scene. Bring all your senses into play. Smell and taste the air. Feel the warmth of the sun and the sand or grass under your feet. See and hear colors and moving action in your happy visualization. Doing this exercise periodically will definitely bring about relief to your negative thought patterns, and you will create a desire to put more relaxation into your life as well.

Exercise 178 Time Distortion

Have you ever had the experience of looking at your watch or clock with a sweep second hand only to find that it appeared stopped then after a moment of shock, watch it start moving again There is a direct relationship between slower brain waves and time appearing to slow down. This is your perceptual subjective time. As an exercise, get in a comfortable seated position in front of a clock with a sweep hand. Look at the clock while progressively relaxing your body and mind (review Exercise -- Relaxation For Improved Awareness ). Now close your eyes, relax completely and visualize some activity with a feeling of intense anticipation or long

Approaching the study situation a problem before you start

At this point, he thinks 'well, I've had a difficult day and it's not too long before the programme starts, and I need a rest anyway and the relaxation will really help me to get down to studying. ' He returns to his desk at 7.45 pm, because the beginning of the next programme was also a bit more interesting than he thought it would be.

Exercise 180 Mirror Regression or Fantasy

Depending upon your belief system, this exercise could be just a fanciful novelty or it could be a regressive look back into your previous lifetimes. Seat yourself, naked or clothed, in front of a large mirror in a darkened room with a small flickering candle on each side of you. Relax your body completely and breathe rhythmically and deeply into your abdomen. Now begin looking at your image in the mirror. Concentrate your attention intently upon your right eye without blinking and instruct yourself to progressively relax deeper and deeper (review Exercise -- Relaxation For Improved Awareness ). Now ask yourself softly, Who have I been Keep breathing deeply and rhythmically while repeating the question over and over.

Exercise 64 Problem Solving Via Drawings

Since art is basically a right brain activity, talk about your problems aloud to yourself while idly doodling and sketching anything which comes up. As a path to the subconscious is cleared, solutions will be automatically drawn in caricature or abstract form. If you choose the same room, chair and time of day for the exercise, daily repetition will eventually produce surprising results. Precede this exercise with relaxation, affirmation and deep breathing and you'll optimize your results. If you use your left hand (right brain) for sketching, this can often assist you in the generation of ideas.

Exercise 27 Achieving Autonomic Muscle Control Limb Heaviness

Now silently repeat to yourself the following limb heaviness (relaxation) affirmations Say, My right arm is getting heavy, 6 to 8 times then say, My right arm is getting heavier and heavier, 6 to 8 times then reiterate, My right arm is completely heavy, 6 to 8 times visualize its heaviness like lead then say, I feel perfectly calm, 3 times. Then open your eyes and throw away the heaviness. Flex your arm and breathe deeply. Now begin the cycle again, including the warm-up. Spend 10 to 15 minutes each time and do this 2 or 3 times per day. To intensify the effect, visualize yourself in a peaceful, background setting, and actually imagine your arm getting heavier. Don't try too hard just relax and let it happen.

Exercise 23 Cleansing Breath For Better Health

Now sit up in a comfortable position with good posture and place your hand on your upper abdomen to feel the motion of your diaphragm. Now forcibly exhale, pushing your stomach in with a backward push so that your diaphragm recedes into your thoracic cavity, expelling the air from your lungs. Follow this instantly with a relaxation of your abdominal muscles, allowing the diaphragm to descend down to your abdominal cavity, pulling with it your lungs. In this exercise, exhalation takes about one fourth the time of inhalation. The exhalation process is quick and strong while inhalation is passive and slow. Do this for 15 to 20 times twice each day, and add a few more exhalations each week as your lungs become stronger.

Exercise 143 Developing Productivity Under Pressure

If you approach your day with anxiety or relaxation, which will drain your energy more Which state will provide you with more productivity under pressure This is not a comparison between the tortoise and the hare, because you can certainly proceed speedily throughout your day in a more relaxed way. Physical tasks requiring strength can also be accomplished by attacking each task with anxiety or they can proceed more smoothly with relaxation. The choice is always yours, but you'll find that approaching your day and the tasks within it will always be less de-energizing if they are approached with mindful relaxation rather than mindless anxiety.

Exercise 156 Weight Control

Is your weight totally dependent upon your calorie intake and the amount of your physical exercise The various experiments in hypnosis have shown how the human mind can affect the body. What you can do under hypnosis, you can learn to do without hypnosis. Stress and tension can produce a retention of ingested materials, just as relaxation can allow a more thorough flushing and expulsion of same. Constipation, gastric difficulties and many overweight problems occur with tense, negative attitudes. By relaxing and relieving a stressful attitude, many internal problems are relieved as well. Through the power of visualization and suggestion, you can actually eat what you want and still lose weight The elements of your ingested food can either be assimilated or passed. Your metabolic rate can either be stepped up or lowered, and you learn that you are in complete charge of all your bodily functions.

Exercise 147 Sending Energy To Someone

As an exercise in sending energy to someone, work with a partner situated in another room or in the same room with you but with his back toward you. Both of you sit in a relaxed, comfortable position (review Exercise -- Relaxation For Improved Awareness ), and do some deep, abdominal breathing. Both of you close your eyes and maintain a receptive or at least neutral, non-skeptical state of mind for the exercise. Now visualize your partner's body and choose one area to send healing energies into. Focus & emotionally feel the pulsating energy permeating & soothing only that selected area, perhaps like a funnel of energy. Visualize your hands stroking and healing that area. When your partner feels a sensation of warmth, or a tickling or anything else, ask him to indicate what area it is in. If it's not the area you're visualizing, say nothing and keep sending energy to him until he gets the correct area, or you both get tired.

Exercise 13 Fear Reversal Imaging

Do Exercise -- Relaxation For Improved Awareness prior to this exercise. To reverse a fear of crashing in an airplane, first visualize yourself driving from your home to the airport. You feel calm as you approach the airplane and take your seat inside. See yourself smiling throughout. Everyone around you is happy and thoughtful. Your stewardess gives you a magazine to read and afterwards brings you a meal. Your flight and landing is smooth and peasant. You smile as you leave the plane. You proceed to what the trip was about -- visiting friends, relatives or business associates. You enjoy and complete the visit then return to the airport and board another plane. After a gentle take-off and smooth flight, you land again and proceed home.

Exercise 181 Past Life Fantasy or Regression

Have a partner assume a relaxed, prone position on a couch or bed. Guide your partner in some deep, rhythmic breathing (review the breathing exercises.) With his eyes closed, have him relax his whole body from his toes to his head (review Exercise -- Relaxation For Improved Awareness ). Now have your partner participate in the following mind-expanding visualizations. First, have him imagine that he is blowing up like a balloon -- larger and larger, while feeling himself getting bloated and round. Let him feel himself getting as big as the room, as big as the house or as big as he can imagine and let him tell you when he is at that maximum point of feeling big by saying, OK. Now tell your partner to reduce his size gradually down to normal size again. Next, have your partner visualize himself getting smaller and smaller like a shrinking man. Let him feel the shrinking process as he grows smaller and smaller until he is as small as he can imagine. Then let him acknowledge this maximum...

Exercise 100 Self Massage

As an exercise, sit down and begin massaging your feet and toes. Pay special attention to sore points in your feet as well as your hands, which correspond to internal areas, often organs, and acupressure these points for relief. Work your way up the body to your face and scalp by gently kneading each muscle group. Feel and get in touch with your bones, fat and sinew. Let your fingertips explore and find tightened areas of tension, then relax them with massage. All through this massage process, maintain steady, continuous, deep breathing to assist your body's relaxation.

Exercise 112 Seeing With Your Skin Body

Gradually relax all your muscles, from your toes to your head and slowly do some deep, abdominal breathing (review Exercise -Relaxation and all the breathing exercises). Working with color pairs at first, have a partner alternately give you black and then white sheets of paper for starters then red and green sheets and so on. While blindfolded, lightly touch and feel each paper then feel the air just above it.

Exercise 25 Better Breathing Better Emotions

Retention of your breath develops control, and slow exhalations relax body tissues to prevent your energy from becoming a form of tension. Your body sometimes automatically relieves tension by releasing the breath in the form of a sigh or a groan. In this exercise, begin by breathing in to the count of 4 and out to the count of 12. Do this sequence 10 times a day, over a 2 week span of time, and gradually increase the count until you are able to breathe in to the count of 7 seconds and out for the count of 21 seconds. Always do each sequence 10 times. Next, inhale slowly to the count of 4, hold it for the count of 16 and exhale slowly to the count of 8. When counting in this exercise, you might repeat, Peace, Peace, Peace or Calm, Calm, Calm, for added relaxation. You can also mentally repeat the mantra, AUM over and over while you breathe. Next, increase the count ratio to 8 32 16, and then to 16 64 32. Always master one sequence comfortably before progressing to the next.

How to use your mental screen to induce the alpha state

Summon up a pleasant and relaxing scene from your past. Everyone has experienced moments of complete relaxation and harmony at some time in their life. Choose a scene from your past that evokes a feeling of peace and tranquillity, and picture it in your mind, in as much detail as possible.


Most people, when told to do something, exert so much effort that they get tense and the harder they try, the more tension builds up. Abnormal breathing, staring, confusion and even anger all create tension and are very detrimental to concentration. You have already learned how to eliminate tension through relaxation. Relaxation will also eliminate the other unwanted tension makers that keep you from learning and using the ability to concentrate.

Magic and behavior

In addition, the relaxation and self-control exercises which are taught before any actual paranormal phenomena are introduced, help prepare participants for the mind-altering states they encounter later on. Unlike cult rituals and other mystical practices, the seminar is intentionally structured to proceed slowly and gradually. Rational functions may be inhibited, but they never become totally inactive, resulting in at least some measure of self control being exercised at all times.

Smells and Odors

Other researchers have found that women are more sensitive to odors than men and that smells definitely impact levels of relaxation and agitation. In addition, when bursts of peppermint or lily of the valley odors were introduced every 5 minutes as subjects complete certain tests, performance jumped as much as 15-25 percent. Also, when spiced apple scents are encountered, brainwaves and blood pressure drop within 1 minute.

The value of ideas

While I was writing this book, I interviewed a number of business leaders from a range of organizations. I asked them all where they had their best ideas. Not one of them said that they had their best ideas at work. Many of them gathered inspiration from those around them and from their work outside their main job. Each of them, in different ways, talked about moments of flow or relaxation when they were elsewhere. They often described the social processes in nurturing ideas.


Of Suggestive-Accelerative Learning and Teaching (SALT) methodologies. These instructional methods use a combination of physical relaxation exercises, mental concentration, and suggestive principles. These are intended to strengthen a person's ego and expand his or her mental capabilities while material to be learned is presented dynamically with relaxing music. It wasn't until much later that a systematic effort in the field of human memory and learning bore out what Dr. James had realized. In the 1960's the extensive research of Dr. Georgi Lozanov, a Bulgarian psychiatrist, developed a new approach to accelerate learning and use the superpowers of mind. He applied elements of suggestion techniques and relaxation to classroom learning and termed the methods Suggestopedia. This was the beginning of accelerated learning.

Dianes Story

She also listened to my advice about stress-reduction and relaxation techniques, but I had the distinct impression that she would not follow through with any action. She pointed out that she was so busy with a full-time job plus extensive schoolwork that she could not spare any time to go regularly to the gym, take walks, or start a stress-reduction program. She wanted a pill to help her memory, and after some thought, I advised her to start taking vitamin E 800 IUs daily.


An icebreaker is typically a structured activity designed to encourage networking, relaxation, and brief introductions. They should be fast paced, upbeat, and fun. They are not necessarily content driven, although connecting to your program theme can be a value-added plus.

Yoga Nidra

Subjects who are willing to make the effort can attain the desired state of 'disconnectedness' by concentrating on almost any sensation, whether it be a sound, an image, an odor or an object. You can practice while taking the sun, relaxing in a hammock, steaming in a sauna, or sitting in your favorite easy chair. Just tune in to your inner sensations and let yourself go. You will soon feel yourself floating away in a very pleasant bubble of physical and mental relaxation.

The Signpost Effect

The only drawback with this technique is its rapidity. If a subject passes from a state of stress to a state of deep mental and muscular relaxation too At first, subjects are helped along by being led through a complete relaxation session, muscle by muscle, limb by limb (as described on page ). In subsequent sessions, the relaxation period is progressively shortened, until a signpost is all it takes to induce a state of complete relaxation. The same applies to relaxation. After a few sessions, during which step-by-step instructions are provided, the process becomes automatic - all you have to do to enter the alpha state of deep relaxation is count down from 10 to 1.

Resting Your Brain

Some people use alcohol as an aide to go to sleep. It does relax you initially, but several hours later, when the alcohol is depleted, it results in insomnia. You can use other techniques to induce relaxation and help you fall asleep. Visualize something boring. Imagine it's time to get up. If you can't sleep, get up. Try progressive relaxation. Count happy thoughts. Rub your stomach. Eat a bedtime snack. Sleep on your back. Wiggle your toes. Take a warm bath. Drink warm milk. Listen to music. Breathe deeply. list compiled by Oufei Zhao


(Programming and Relaxation) The Programmation Tape is on the opposite side of the Relaxation Exercise Tape. This section of the program is called PROGRAMMATION because it is designed to program your subconscious mind with the skills you are learning. Only when the skills are programmed into your subconscious can you use them instinctively when you need them. The programming of your mind is done by using relaxation to properly condition the mind to the state in which it can receive information most effectively. With the exercise repetitions, the information is fed into your computer, to be pulled out and used by you as soon as it is fully accepted and learned. The biggest problem your mind has is to override the old, primary skill habits it has learned and developed. Because habits are automatic responses to a condition or situation, it is necessary to repeatedly instruct the subconscious to use the new skill instead of the old habits. Visualization is used extensively because the...

Autogenic Training

It occurred to Schultz to try and develop a method of self hypnosis where subjects could make suggestions to themselves that would cause these same sensations of heat and heaviness to arise. Why Because a feeling of heaviness is an indication of muscular relaxation, while heat indicates a dilation of peripheral blood vessels. He called his method autogenic training or autogenic relaxation, defining it as a system of physiological exercises carefully designed to induce a state of general disassociation from external stimuli in the organism, with the Therefore, in addition to facilitating the development of paranormal faculties, autogenic relaxation improves physical health as it relaxes the body and allows the subconscious mind to express itself with much greater freedom.

Reading Rate

On this chart, you will record your practice with speed, understanding, remembering and your own personal feelings about what you are experiencing. You will keep a record of using the Relaxation Practice Tape and the Programmation Tape. You should do some practicing without these tapes. You record your practice time with or without the tapes, but make note of which you are doing.

The Alpha Seminar

The first objective of the alpha seminar is relaxation - teaching participants how to enter the alpha state. The first time you try to practice alpha relaxation you may encounter problems, especially if you're tense or nervous about something. On the other hand, tense, nervous people are most in need of learning how to attain the alpha state. So in the first part of the seminar, we included the most effective techniques for inducing the alpha state that we had come across. Whereas it took almost forty-five minutes to get participants into the alpha state at the start of the seminar, it took a maximum of two minutes to attain the same level of consciousness at the end. How was that possible Well, read on.

Telepathic Training

Another aspect of the method is to become conscious of the organic sensations that accompany the process of image creation, after subjects are able to maintain their images more or less at will (this part of the technique closely resembles the biofeedback and dynamic relaxation techniques described earlier).


Regular practice assures the repetition needed to learn the reading skills. Practicing twice a day, even for shorter periods, is better than one longer practice a day. Learning to relax is the most important skill step you have learned. Because of this importance, you should go through the different relaxation exercises at least twice a day and do not make the relaxation time a part of your scheduled practice time. You can practice relaxation at any time during the day or night. Find a place you can be alone, relax and visualize. Don't do it while you are driving a car, you may go to sleep. Many people do go to sleep while practicing the relaxation exercises.


It should not be surprising that researchers became interested in alpha waves, as a possible way of teaching people how to relax. Various approaches and devices were tried, including biofeedback machines, techniques based on existing relaxation and meditation methods, drugs, etc.


You can control the harm that stress does to your memory by finding ways to modify your response to stressful life events. Vigorous physical activity helps some people overcome stress others use meditation or relaxation techniques. For some, it's a matter of learning their limits how much stress they can take on and developing assertiveness in politely but firmly declining a task or commitment. Everyone's different. What's important is that you find stress-management activities that are effective for you. I discuss scientifically proven stress-reduction techniques in Chapter 9.

Bodily Aids

That exercise should be supplemented by the practice of relaxation, intended to relieve tension in the body. To get the feeling of relaxation try the following experiment Having thus learned what relaxation feels like, you need not repeat the experiment, but proceed as follows Lie down flat on your back on the floor or on a board (not on a bed or conch) and try to sink into it, as if it were soft. This will give you a luxurious feeling of relaxation of the whole body. It is a good plan to stretch the body, then the neck, then let it go loose and relax the body part by part, beginning at the feet and going up to the head. To relax the eyes an important matter imagine black. It is good to relax in this manner at night, before going to sleep. As an extreme measure, if necessary, one may learn relaxation by sleeping for a few nights on a table, with only a sheet between the body and the board, that is, with nothing to soften the surface. It is possible to go to sleep in a soft...

Reading Conditions

There are two types of relaxation Dynamic and Passive. When muscles are completely relaxed and simply dormant, it is called PASSIVE RELAXATION. When the muscles are relaxed, but moving smoothly and easily, it is called DYNAMIC RELAXATION. The latter is best illustrated by an athlete running easily in a relaxed manner. This same dynamic relaxation, used by athletes, must be used in the reading activity. All barriers to relaxation must be removed. No tension of any kind should be felt. As you practice and progress through the program, you will learn to relax and your eye movement, while reading, will be easy, smooth and natural. The more you practice, the more easily and the more quickly it will be learned. The most important step you must take in developing your Alpha-Netics Rapid Reading skills, is learning the skill of relaxation. It is a skill, and like any other skill, it can be learned with practice. You will be given passive relaxation exercises to help you develop the relaxation...

Increase Your Health

Although the initial effects are mostly temporary, continual exposure to weakening factors can eventually lead to a more lasting condition of ill health. Elimination of debilitating factors in your life allows your body to build up its energy reserves again, just like during the process of sleep and relaxation. By increasing your energy, your health correspondingly improves. To bring balance and harmony in your life, associate yourself with factors that will benefit and help you. Do things with a total involved feeling of enjoyment rather than a mechanistic or disheartened feeling. Every time you harmonize your energy system with wholesome food, natural fiber clothing, a positive attitude, controlled deep breathing and relaxation, the easier it is to draw from the universal energy well. The more you increase your energy amplitude, the better able you are to withstand the detrimental factors of pathogenic cellular invaders, pollution and accidental injury. After maximizing your...

Alpha Self Hypnosis

When you slow down your brain wave activity to a frequency of eight to thirteen cycles per second, you enter a hypnotic state of relaxed receptivity called the Alpha state. Once you are in Alpha, you can access your subconscious mind and empower your highest self. You begin by imagining yourself completely calm, relaxed, and peaceful as you visualize the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Next, slowly count down from twenty-one to zero, and feel the relaxation spread throughout your entire body. Then place yourself in your ultimate passive scene of nature. You may choose, for example, your favorite seaside, mountain retreat, or beautiful garden. You can then program your subconscious mind with creative visualization and Optimal affirmations. Let OptiSelf take charge. Imagine the feelings associated with being and doing your best When you are in the Optimal Alpha state, place the palms of your hands together. Once you have secured this conscious-subconscious...

Acoustics and Sound

In 1993, an important study was conducted on the impact of music on the brain.18 This experiment resulted in what has been termed the Mozart IQ Effect because it was the music of the famed composer Amadeus Mozart that was selected for use in the study. During the research, students at the University of California, Irvine listened to relaxation music, Mozart, or white noise for 10 minutes as they performed spatial tasks. Afterwards, it was determined that those listening to Mozart outperformed others. If you play musical selections during individual and group activities, make sure that the volume level is loud enough to be heard, but low enough that it does not distract or interrupt concentration or conversation. For background music, you are probably better off using nature sounds or instrumental selections instead of vocals. Also, select instrumental music that does not have words (e.g., jazz, new age or classical) so that participants do not subconsciously focus on the songs and...

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