The Playground Equipment for This Exploration

We begin with the meaning formula well planted in our minds. You do have it well planted in your mind, do you not? If so, then we can easily stay focused on translating any and every conversation and "problem" expressed or heard into the EB=IS formula. (We can even create meaning using the structure of IS=IS.)

As mentioned previously, this formula plays a crucial role in the conversational reframing patterns. So, first, we formulate "talk" (statements, beliefs, values, problems, etc.) into the X = Y structure. With that done, "let the reframing begin!"

Now to give some content to these patterns, we want to play around with the following belief statements. Think about these as just some playground equipment to work with in training your intuitions.

(A) "Saying mean things makes you a bad person."

(B) "Cancercauses death."

(C) "Showing up late means that you don't care about me!"

(D) "Stress causes me to eat chocolate."

(E) "I can't really make a difference because management doesn't walk their talk."

(F) "I can't buy your product because it costs too much."

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