Reversing Presuppositions as Therapy

I (BB) recently had a client who 'just couldn't relax." This person felt that he just had to "be in uptime in business meetings, because, after all, I'm a serious person, but I've been too serious lately." . I said, "What would happen if you became too serious about relaxing and being in uptime...?"

That did it. By the time the session ended, the gentlemen walked out singing a different tune. He took the phrase as his theme, "Totally and completely serious about relaxing..."

Imagine moving to the place where you feel serious about your relaxing, because, after all, you can, now, can you not? And when you do, into what kind of a place do you put yourself?

Consider how this mind-line works. I first thought about the presenting problem in the form of a cause-effect statement (A>B), then I reversed that syntax (B>A). In terms of the person's maps about reality, about "being serious," about "not able to relax," it reversed everything. Doing this brings a higher level state (seriousness) to bear on a lower state (relaxing). This pattern of reversing the C>E statement provides the simplest way I have found to construct an Apply to Self frame.

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