Meta Stating Nancy

Another client that I (BB) saw recently came in with a list of things to "fix." On the top of her list—the fear of water.

"How does water pose a problem to you, Nancy?" I asked.

For awhile, she talked about some past experiences with water that she didn't like. Finally she commented, "I will drown and die."

"So, Nancy, you feel afraid of water because you fear you will drown and die...?"" repeated to make more overt the cause-effect structure of her subjective strategy.

"Yes, that's right."

"What would happen if you died to the belief that you are afraid you are going to drown and die?"

Upon saying this, her face reddened, smoke oozed out of her ears... then a smile spread across her face,

"Why, I could enjoy water!... Well, that blew that one out of the water!" she said with a laugh.

Sometimes it seems that these mind-lines should not "make sense." And certainly, according to Aristotelian logic, they do not.

Yet in the inner psycho-logics of a given human brain, they do.

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