Identifying Beliefs

And the Structure of Meanings

If beliefs offer us such a port of entry into our reality (and the reality of others), how do we go about identifying an operating belief? How do we develop an awareness that can enable us to spot them? Would we know one when we see or hear one?

Again, consider the magic box. Here we have taken representations and connected them in a frame of "is," "causes," "equals," etc. These words map out a conceptual reality about how the world works, what things "are," and what leads to what. And when we not merely represent it, but believe it, and say 'Yes!" to it, we transform it into "reality," our reality which commands our neurology. We thereby, magically, create an organizing and internally commanding force inside our nervous system. We create a piece of neuro-semantic reality that may enhance our life or severely disturb it!

Figure 4:6

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