Two is Shoepick Up Your Toys

"Now, what is the memory peg for number three?" Grandpa asked.

"I know, Grandpa, Three is Tree," said Adam.

Grandpa smiled and said, "Right. And the third item on the list is ice-cream cones. Think of a silly story about ice-cream and a tree, Adam."

Adam thought for a moment then said, "Imagine that my cat Cosmo and I are sitting under a tree that grows ice-cream and there's ice-cream cones falling all over us. It's all running down my face and Cosmo and I eat it until we nearly burst! Yum yum."

"And you said my stories were silly," Jasmine laughed.


"This is fun," said Adam.

"What are the next two items on the list?" asked Grandpa.

"A big tomato and a custard pie," replied Jasmine.

"Jasmine, you peg the tomato at number four and Adam, you peg the custard pie at number five," said Grandpa.

So Jasmine closed her eyes, grinned cheekily and said,

"Four is Door. I'm pretending that I open my bedroom door but the handle has changed into a big tomato and it squashes between my fingers and goes all over the carpet."

"Let's make it even sillier," chuckled Grandpa. "The tomato juice runs down the stairs and all over your Dad's head!"

"Boy, he'd be mad!" laughed Adam. Four is DOOR—A BIG TOMATO."

"The memory peg for Five is Hive and the item is a custard pie," said Grandpa.

"What can you do with that, Adam?"

"Ah., .that's a hard one, Grandpa. I'm not sure," said Adam hesitantly.

So Grandpa said, "Imagine that you've found a beehive and you're teasing the bees by throwing custard pies at them. The bees get really angry, fly out of the hive and sting you on the bottom."

"This is great fun," said the kids.

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