Seven is Heavenholiday Photos

What's next?"

"It's my turn now," said Adam.

"My next one is eight, and Eight is GATE—pick up the chocolate cake from Mrs Suter," said Adam.

"Pretend that I walk past Mrs Suter's house and she comes out to meet me with the chocolate cake but she falls over the gate and goes head first into the cake! And I try not to laugh."

"Good. That's a very silly story," Grandpa chuckled. So Eight is GATE—CHOCOLATE CAKE."

"What's at number nine?" "When we get home we're going to water the garden and that's at Nine which is LINE," said Adam.

"Pretend that I'm sitting on a big hose and riding it like a snake in and out of the line down the middle of the road. It's going up and down like a roller coaster and watering all the flowers on the side of the road," he laughed. "It's great fun!"

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