How To Peg All Five Items On One Number

Here's a way to expand your ability to remember large numbers of items.

Our five school items are:

1. rocks

2. sand

3. hair

4. paperclips

5. toothbrush

Now we'll make up a silly stoiy about all five items and put them on memory peg number One which is DRUM.

You wake up in the morning and see that your hair is standing on end and there's a drum full of sand balancing on top of your hair and the sand is pouring all over you. You are wearing paperclips for earrings and each paperclip has a toothbrush hanging off it Then a big rock comes out of the drum and dongs you on the head!

This method allows you to attach several items to each memory peg.

Draw your own silly story to peg all five items at number Two.

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