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Acknowledgements We thank the following people for their advice and contributions to this book Jack Collis, Ray and Ruth Pease, the McCameys, Sue Irvine, Peter Draper, Karen Barbouttis, Carolyn and Murray Child. WHY NOT USE ALLAN PEASE AS GUEST SPEAKER FOR YOUR NEXT CONFERENCE OR SEMINAR Contact Pease Training Corporation Box 350 Avalon Beach, N.S.W. 2107 Fax(02)973 1169 Seminars conducted in over 30 countries The Body Language Workshop The Hot Button Selling Workshop The Four Personality...

This old man he played one he played knick knack on my

This Old Man Played One

Yes, we know that song, Grandpa said the kids. OK, then let's start by singing the whole song, said Grandpa. With a knickknackpaddy whack, give a dog a bone, This old man, he played two, He played knick knack on my shoe, With a knickknack., .etc. This old man, he played three, He played knick knack on my tree, With a knickknack etc. This old man, he played four, He played knick knack on my door, With a knickknack., .etc. This old man, he played five, He played knick knack on my hive, With a...

Memory Pegs and Silly Stories

Memory Pegs

What did he mean First you learn ten memory pegs, said Grandpa. What's that asked Adam. Pegs are places to hang things, said Grandpa. You mean like the pegs at school where we hang our school bags Jasmine asked. That's right, Grandpa replied. Do you know the song that goes like this

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How to develop powerful recall in 48 minutes Allan Pease is head of Pease Training Corporation, a sales and communication training company in Sydney. Australia He lectures extensively throughout the world and his books, films and training programmes are used by organisations everywhere to train members and staff in people-handling skills. He is the author and co-author of the best-selling books BODY LANGUAGE How to Read Others' Thoughts By Their Gestures. TALK LANGUAGE How to Use Conversation...