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Speed Reading Acceleration Secrets Course

Speed reading acceleration course is a unique step by step course that shows people how to increase their speed reading and comprehension, It's also an outstanding uniquedesigned for people who want to accelerate their brains. The course focuses on reading, it also covers a lot of different processes our brain undergoes during the activity we commonly refer to as reading. This product improves reading, memory, concentration and focuses if you apply yourself to it. It is very easy to use, has clear instructions. The product is a phenomenon among speed readers, the quality of this course is undeniable and the applicability is limitless. If you are interested in speed reading, for personal or professional reasons, this product offers all you need. With this product, you can explore and field the real and hidden potential of yourself, discover the depths of your mind and unlock your capabilities making this product trusted among users. Below are some mind-blowing benefits:Promotes visualization while reading,delivers reading strategies to handle today's information overload,encourages unlearning some bad reading habits from school,organizes the reading process more effectively,increases knowledge in many fields of interests, actively create your own future by learning new skills and increasing your comprehensive ability respectively. More here...

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Highly Recommended

Of all books related to the topic, I love reading this e-book because of its well-planned flow of content. Even a beginner like me can easily gain huge amount of knowledge in a short period.

My opinion on this e-book is, if you do not have this e-book in your collection, your collection is incomplete. I have no regrets for purchasing this.

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What Does This Mean for

I've said that these important skills can be learned they aren't simply inherent intellectual capacities that good students are born with. Let me illustrate by getting you involved at the outset in a hands-on exercise that will prove it's possible to improve your reading speed dramatically and almost instantaneously. This exercise is designed to identify your present reading speed an important piece of information if you hope to learn how to improve your reading and study rates. After you've completed the exercise, you may want to let your youngster try it in order to determine his or her speed. Before you've finished this opening chapter, you'll be given some simple tools designed to increase your present reading speed by at least 50 percent immediately. In another seven days, you can expect a quantum leap forward to much higher reading and comprehension levels. And finally, with a reasonable amount of practice in subsequent weeks, you'll find that the sky is indeed the limit for...

Those Remarkable Mini Lessons

Many parents have been deeply impressed by what happens in the mini-lessons at our learning centers, where they observe their children being introduced to the Evelyn Wood method of study. In the typical mini-lesson, which involves one forty-five-minute session with an instructor, the students receive various kinds of reading material and are asked to read it as fast as they can. Then, they calculate their reading speed. Next, the instructor gives several short talks, describing techniques that will improve the students' reading speed. These include previewing the material in advance of regular reading using special hand motions developing the discipline to not read back over material already covered and reading the material by looking at groups of words, rather than at each word individually. Finally, at the end of the session, the instructor asks the students to apply what they've learned by giving them another test. Consistently, the students show an average increase in their...

How Richard Learned to Soar

He had been progressing quite well and had increased his reading speed from just under 300 words per minute to just over 1,000, according to the most recent test he had been given. In the following pages you'll be shown in detail many ways to increase your reading speed and enhance other learning skills. Specifically, you'll learn How to calculate your reading speed. The famous and fundamental Evelyn Wood speed-reading hand motions, with illustrative diagrams. The layering technique of assimilating written material (also called the Multiple Reading Process), which is the essential foundation for high-speed reading. In the same school, a group of twenty sixth-graders increased their reading scores by an entire grade level after taking a five-week Evelyn Wood course. Their average reading speed jumped from 115 words per minute to 234 words per minute. Overall, 82 percent of the students increased their comprehension and vocabulary reading levels, and 94 percent increased their reading...

Beyond the Subvocal Barrier

It's important to note, as I've indicated in earlier chapters, that reading speed or reading rate refers only to the reading phase of the layered or multiple-exposure study process, not to the overview and preview that should precede the actual reading. terial logically but can also see the total flow of the text. The mind is no longer limited to the word-by-word order of thoughts on the page the eyes and mind are freed to move faster, and high-speed reading and study become possible.

How to Fine Tune Your Hidden Voice

Subvocal linear reading is clearly an important part of your repertoire of reading skills. Becoming proficient in this slower-paced technique will increase your reading speed far beyond its present rate and is an essential first step in Mentally Soaring with visual-vertical reading. First, it's important to evaluate accurately, in hard, clear terms, just how fast you can expect to read using the subvocal linear approach. Second, you must learn to anticipate and overcome the speed plateaus you'll encounter periodically as your reading speed increases. About 900 words per minute is the absolute maximum speed a student can hope to reach by using the subvocal linear technique. In a sense, this speed represents a kind of sound barrier for speed reading. To break through it, you need to employ different tools and techniques. It's at this point that visual-vertical reading and other, more sophisticated study strategies and hand motions become necessary. The difference between this top...

The Evelyn Wood Stoty

That program was quite successful, but she wanted to do more. She was especially interested in finding ways that students could read beyond what many experts then regarded as the outer limit of reading speed, 1,000 words per minute. But first, she needed some proof that high-speed reading really was possible. The evidence came unexpectedly from one of her professors, Dr. C. Lowell Lees, the chairman of the speech department at the University of Utah. But even after investigating these and other reputed speed readers, Evelyn still couldn't come up with a technique that could be taught to slow readers. Was high-speed reading and learning an unteachable skill that only a few naturally adept individuals could master STOP READING NOW and look at your watch. Record the precise time. Then, using the method described on page 16, calculate your reading speed. Assume that you've read 2,450 words. My guess would be that you've improved your reading speed significantly. In any case, keep reading...

Shooting For the Stars

The things you've learned in this book should have increased your reading speed significantly up to this point, and your comprehension should also be relatively high. For that matter, these new skills may very well have pushed your reading rate into the Mental Soaring range, in excess of 1,200-1,500 words per minute.

What Joseph has to say about The Course

After 8 weeks of our course, the oldest daughter, then in her senior year in traditional school, was able to demonstrate a reading speed of over 30,000 words per minute and comprehension level of 95 (from her initial speed of 120 and comprehension level of 30 ). The youngest of our children to take this course was then in 8th grade. Her scores were similar - 25,000 words per minute and 95 comprehension. They were amazed, yet not surprised. A Course in Light-Speed Reading is based on the fundamental concepts of holistic studies. From that point of view, you are already a Light-Speed Reader before you begin this course. All you have to do is remember your own power. A Course in Light-Speed Reading is a course in recovery of your basic intuitive sense of connection and a return to humanity's natural way of communicating - thought (idea) transmission. A Course in Light-Speed Reading is a system of concepts, exercises, and processes designed to be enjoyed and utilized in the home...

The Books Could Be Burned

This is your starting speed in words per minute (wpm). Now, take your Record Chart from the place you keep it, and in the space provided in the upper left hand corner, record your starting reading speed. When you have recorded the score, you will be given information regarding the reading process and learn why you are not reading much faster and better. DO IT NOW

Reading eye movements

Even if the eye moved as slowly as one line per second, words would be covered at the rate of 600-700 words per minute (wpm). As the average reading speed on even light material is 250 wpm, it can be seen that even those estimating slower speeds assume that they cover words much more rapidly than they really do. The jumps themselves are so quick as to take almost no time, but the fixations can take anywhere from 1 4 to 1 1 2 seconds. A person who normally reads one word at a time - and who skips back over words and letters is forced, by the simple mathematics of his eye movements, into reading speeds which are often well below 100 wpm, and which mean that he will not be able to understand much of what he reads, nor be able to read much. 5 Average reading speeds are natural and therefore the best Wrong. Because average reading speeds are not natural. They are speeds produced by an incomplete initial training in reading, combined with an inadequate knowledge of how the eye and brain...

127 136 147 155 166 176 184 193 202 210 214

Take the number at the left of the last line read. Count the words in the line you were on when you were told to stop. Add those two numbers. You read only 15 seconds so multiply the total of the two numbers by 4. That is your reading speed for the Test. Record the number on the chart where it says Test 2. Record that figure now, then return to this point. DO IT NOW

Anxiety impedes reading

This machine is worth its weight in gold for decreasing reading anxiety and increasing reading speed and comprehension. I have found that the Voyager used just before bed increases the likelihood of lucid dreaming. For some reason unknown to me, the patterns, sound, and light change in the eyes and ears of the participant seems to enhance learning and comprehension abilities. Meditation - Perhaps the most profound changes you will ever make in your life will be in those times of stillness when you connect with your Higher Self. Through a program of intentional stillness, you can significantly speed up the process of incorporating and integrating the Light Speed Reading course. There are several very successful and effective meditation processes and programs available in your public library. Further information can be had from TM (Transcendental Meditation) groups. Check in with your local Public Library for assistance.

Advanced reading techniques

The reader is not restricted to the use of his forefinger as a visual aid, and can use to advantage a pen or a pencil, as many naturally efficient readers do. At first the visual aid will make the reading speed look slow. This is because, as mentioned earlier, we all imagine that we read a lot faster than we actually do. But the aided reading speed will actually be faster. 2 Expanded focus. In conjunction with visual aid techniques, the reader can practise taking in more than one line at a time. This is certainly not physically impossible and is especially useful on light material or for overviewing and previewing. It will also improve normal reading speeds. It is very important always to use a visual guide during this kind of reading, as without it the eye will tend to wander with comparatively little direction over the page. Various patterns of visual aiding should be experimented with, including diagonal, curving, and straight-down-the-page movements. Most reading is done at a...

Understanding And Remembering

If you are not understanding well as you read, don't slow down When you try to remember, just do the best you can. Pull anything you can out of your memory. Guess at it, but keep up your reading speed. Your understanding will come. You have to give your subconscious mind time to accept this new way of seeing and understanding. KEEP UP THE PACE.

Please Follow Instructions Exactly

When you are told to do so, remove this lesson tape and put your Metronome Practice Tape in your cassette player. Keep your practice book on hand. Turn on the recorder and go through the entire Metronome Tape. The Metronome Tape is only 15 minutes long. It is very important that you practice at rates as far above your normal reading speed as you can. As you continue your practicing, you need to be able to focus your attention and practice in the areas that will benefit you most. At the end of the 30-second comprehension testing period, do as instructed and mark the spot where you stopped reading. At this time, do not be concerned with your reading rate. When you have completely gone through the Metronome Tape, come back to this point. DO IT NOW It is time to take a second reading speed test so that you can see the progress you have already made. Before you actually take the second test, practice with the essay on page 37. Remember to cover every line with a beat. When the beat is too...

4Worry about missing a critical not or other conjunctive structure

Be prepared to come nose-to-nose with your deepest doubts about yourself doubts about your abilities in many areas besides reading fast. When you open yourself to experience Light Speed Reading for the first time since early childhood (when you read everything instantly), you may find that many other things related to your childhood and earliest learnings will come up for you, too. Stay close to someone who can assist you through your Self-doubts and fears. You will be glad you did, and your speed-reading experience will be enhanced greatly. I recommend you do Rapid Eye Technology (RET) or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to relieve the stress of this part of your reading adventure. It has been shown to be effective for the reader to find a comfortable and quiet place to read. However, some choose to do their Light Speed Reading just prior to a big test they are about to take (like College and High School students). Then the material is fresh in the mind and ready to present itself...

Exercise 222 Color Significance

One researcher found that one inherited type of dyslexia called, scotopic sensitivity syndrome, seems responsive to specific color wavelengths of light. By using different colored overlays or color tinted lenses, reading difficulties for these dyslexics were often alleviated. Even some normal readers could increase their reading speed with colored overlays. The color seems to modify the light that goes to the eye, and therefore reduce the distortions that a reader previously perceived. Not everyone responds to the same colors in the same way out of 150 color tints used, ranging from deep blue to red. For this reason, subjects choose the color tint that makes the printed page more distinct and readable to them. Tinted lenses by themselves are not a cure for a specific reading problem, but instead they enhance the effect of remedial educational practices.


Follow the Testing procedure on the following pages. Remember to keep it simple and easy. Put the students at ease first (lessen the performance anxiety by stating to them that this will be fun and easy). Participants are to do the best they currently know how so that a baseline reading speed may be determined. They may practice before testing if they wish.

See Understand

As the skill becomes stronger, your ability to relax and concentrate will make your understanding even better than it ever has been. This is the point at which your reading speed is going to be restricted only by the speed at which you can see. YOU determine your own reading speed, understanding and enjoyment by the degree of development of your eye movement. Practice, practice, practice.

Verbal Reading

As you and your family participate in this Light Speed Reading course, a significant side benefit might be that you become reacquainted with your holistic, feminine, intuitive self. I think the reunion will be a delightful one. I have found that it is possible to objectively test people's reading speed and comprehension. When testing is done, however, the subjective part, the interpretation of the images received by the reader, is not subject to testing.

English Derivations

You have briefly used and have been instructed in the usage of the Metronome Practice Tape. The importance of using the Metronome Tape cannot be overemphasized. The steady beat of the metronome develops the fluid, smooth movement so essential to relaxed reading and to improved reading skills. At slower speed, or beats, you will probably be getting full comprehension. This is good If you are to increase the ability to read, you must push yourself beyond the limits of your present abilities. You are instructed to stay with the beat. When the beat slows down, you will find yourself seeing, and then reading, two lines at a time. Try to do this, but always stay with the beat. When you are able to see two lines at a time, when the beat picks up, you will find that you can actually see two lines at a time at faster speeds. When you gain this ability, your reading speed and understanding will both begin to climb very rapidly. With this one step, you automatically double the speed at which you...

Part Three

Another misconception about reading is that in order to better understand and generally enjoy what is being read, reading must be slow and methodical. This, of course, is not true. As reading speed is increased, concentration on what is being read must be increased. This increased concentration, alone, will increase understanding, and with better understanding will come greater enjoyment. Developing an increase in understanding is a skill development process. Some will develop this skill faster than others, just as some will develop the total skill of Rapid Reading more quickly than others. A very important point that must be known and accepted by everyone desiring to increase their reading speed is that when beginning to increase the skill, it is necessary to temporarily lose understanding. When beginning to replace a primary skill habit, there is going to be a great conflict in the subconscious mind. The mind is being asked to do something it knows it cannot do. It hasn't learned...

Rapid Eye Technology

Now, aside from what you are capable of, you will probably allow yourself to read in the thousands of words per minute range. Realistically, readers will probably see a substantial rise in both reading speed and comprehension. This is the overall goal of the reading course presented here. Beyond the reading course, my hope is that you find the spiritual giant within you that knows all and understands all. A Course in Light-Speed Reading could be your opening into that wondrous mystical realm.


Another reading habit that slows your reading speed is regression. The average person regresses an average of about eleven times for every hundred words. You regress when you read a few words and then jump back, reading a few more and jumping back again, then re-reading, etc. It is similar to a person climbing a hill by taking three steps forward, then sliding back two.


If you do, you will very quickly see that each skill step is relatively easy to learn. In a short period of time, you will see your reading speed increasing. As you practice, the print will clear up and your understanding level will begin to grow. After only a few weeks, your reading speed will begin to increase dramatically.

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