Teaching Your Child to Read

Teach Your Child To Read

One of the best ways to teach your child to read quickly and easily for both of you is to use this amazing ebook guide that details the best way to teach a young child how to read without frustration. Jim is a reading teacher, and he knows everything there is to know about how children learn best. Too many courses try to teach kids to read in the way that adults Think the kids should be able to learn. However, the way that kids actually learn is often quite different from the way that people think they should. You don't need to know about teaching methods or know HOW to teach; Jim will show you what you need to know in order to give your child the education in reading the he or she needs! All you need to do is follow the guidebook Then you're set to go! Read more here...

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Highly Recommended

I've really worked on the chapters in this book and can only say that if you put in the time you will never revert back to your old methods.

My opinion on this e-book is, if you do not have this e-book in your collection, your collection is incomplete. I have no regrets for purchasing this.

Whole Mind Syntopic Reading

Syntopic reading ensures that your ideas, thoughts, and opinions are based on your own truth. By analyzing various author's ideas and ultimately choosing one that rings the truest for you, your truth is notjust the last book you read. Your truth is the culmination of perspective, wisdom, and knowledge. Syntopic reading is defined as the reading of two or more books on the same subj ect. Syntopic reading allows you to discover, through the comparison of different authors' viewpoints, a deeper understanding of the subject. The concept of syntopic reading began with Mortimer Adler in his classic text, How to Read a Book. Adler considered the thinking skills used in syntopic reading to be the ultimate goal of a well read individual. When Adler wrote his book in 1940, he was missing the whole mind approach to reading and learning, which includes PhotoReading, mind mapping, and the theory of multiple intelligences. By adding the PhotoReading whole mind system to syntopic reading, you have...

Alphanetics Rapid Reading Program A Basic Course For Everyone Work Section

You have been taught the skills necessary for Rapid Reading. Applying these skills to your everyday, normal reading is very essential. Only you can make your newly developed reading and learning skills work for you. You should always be aware of your skills and use them every chance you can. You will find that you can apply them in many areas outside of those you may have in your mind. Use them when reading newspapers, books, texts, articles, etc. If you do not use your new skills, you will lose them. Your new skills are not yet habitual. You will regress to your old reading habits if you do not practice. The more you use these new skills, the stronger they get and the better you get Although normal reading is not practicing, you can strengthen your newly developing skills by always thinking of your new skills and using them as often as you can. Using some of your required reading material, instead of a practice book, will enable you to accomplish several things at once. Doing this...

Relationship Between Your Goals And Your Reading Skills

Use what you have learned to open doors. There is no barrier between you and whatever you may want to become. Your Rapid Reading skills will enable you to build a strong, successful future. How badly do you want to increase your reading skills How hard are you willing to work to reach that goal Set the time to accomplish your reading goal at four weeks. Then, set your short range (daily) goals and your intermediate (weekly) goals, to make sure you get there -on time.

To Develop An Ongoing Reading Program And Be Able To Easily And Consistently

This week you will more fully stabilize your speed and your understanding. You will take steps to develop an ongoing reading program. This is necessary if you want to maintain what you have already learned. You have just started developing your reading and learning skills. You must nurture your new reading skill as you would a precious plant or, like the plant, if you don't, it will begin to weaken and eventually it will die. The practicing and reading schedule you need to establish must be done according to your time availability. Spend extra time working on your weaker skills. Just as everyone has a different learning rate, everyone has different levels of skill development and habit forming. You practice to overcome your weaknesses and to develop your habits. Work hard. Practice. Relax. If you have to consciously think about what you are doing as you are using a skill, the skill development level is not very high. It is only when you can automatically do things does the skill level...

Acclimatize the child to the library environment

1 Select children's books with lots of pictures. Young children love pictures and pictures encourage children's imagination. Intuitive reading is based on imagination. Take young children to the library often to offer them the opportunity to smell, touch, and taste the library environment. Make this a pleasurable experience so they can associate pleasure with reading. 3. DO NOT read the stories to the child - let them be correct with their perceptions. We all like to be right and part of the LightSpeed Reading program is learning to trust intuitive processes. Allowing children to be right in their own perceptions encourages them in trusting their own intuition. 6. Check with your local public library for special programs and story times for children. These special times can be very beneficial in acclimatizing children to the wonders of their own public libraries. Many of the early childhood programs offered by the public library are intended to facilitate early reading skills. Many of...

Anxiety impedes reading

For a great many people reading was taught to them in an environment of high stress. Forced to read in front of our peers embarrassed if we made a mistake given bad marks and often shown up in favor of those who looked better to the teacher (in school looks were much more important than talent or ability Stanford 1989 ). A great deal of stress has therefore been attached to our reading experience. Fortunately there are several effective remedies to the stress of reading. Here are a few suggestions Perhaps enlivening the visual sensory mechanisms of the brain and stimulating the learning centers associated with them opens the intuitive, R-mode, holistic parts of the psyche mind. In my experience with this program for restructuring our reading experience, I think the Voyager is indispensable. I believe there is a relationship between visual stimulation and increased learning ability with Mind Machines. You can find my favorite machines at www.jbennette.com. Meditation - Perhaps the most...

Schools instill conformity

Miller illustrates the power of conformity in her enlightening treatises on the origins of child abuse in America (re For Your Own Good, Miller). She follows the lives of well-known mass killers, like Adolph Hitler and others, who, with the assistance of societal support for conformity, brought about horror on a global scale. It is my hope that as you open your intuitive reading abilities you also awaken the deep stirring of divinity within you.

The Problem With School

Schools are ill equipped to teach visual reading skills to young children. Phonics is a great starting point when children are allowed to be creative rather than forced to conform. Since most schools teach phonics as the only method, few children are presented with any other option.

Reading and Perception

Light-Speed Reading is a choreographed effort of harmony and rhythm that is intended to bring both hemispheres, both energies, together. As you learn to respect your feminine energies and appreciate your masculine energies, you will move into a realm of light-speed possibilities and increased awareness. It is a realm of light and energy, oneness and wholeness, unbounded by limiting thoughts. This Light-Speed Reading course is as much a self-assisted therapy as it is a course in reading skills. As you develop your reading abilities, you will simultaneously develop your integrative, self-empowering, light-speed awareness.

Read ideas and concepts

Reading can be an experience in wholeness. Holistic thinking can speed your reading experience. By engaging holistic modalities of the natural process of thinking in a reading session, the reader connects with a level of awareness that connects with the author in wholeness.

4Worry about missing a critical not or other conjunctive structure

Stay close to someone who can assist you through your Self-doubts and fears. You will be glad you did, and your speed-reading experience will be enhanced greatly. I recommend you do Rapid Eye Technology (RET) or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to relieve the stress of this part of your reading adventure. Your reading weaknesses can be your greatest strength. The more you relax into the reading program, the easier it will be for you and you may find that your weaknesses have become your greatest asset. 1. Rapid Eye Technology (RET) Sessions. RET releases the stress that holds you back from your potential. Done as it is outlined in this course, RET enhances your reading experience while releasing the stress that holds you back. 5. Focus exercises (refer to Support Exercises). In the text of this course I have devised and borrowed several exercises to enhance your Light Speed Reading experience. Most of these exercises are meant to be life-enhancing exercises as well. Consider them...

At home with two or three books lots of pictures few words

Repeat these exercises at different times through the day and at bedtime. Seek times that encourage the child to relax and enjoy the experience. Changing the times and places that reading is done tends to discourage anchoring the reading experience to specific times or places. If, for example, childhood reading is done only at bedtime, later reading experiences will tend to bring on drowsiness and lower comprehension. So, choose various times of day to read with the child.

Tips and Pointers

Today's focus is on reading Introduce the How to Read page as a whole process. Take several books from the library (6th grade reading level), present them for reading exercises, and turn the participants loose to enjoy and practice. Keep the process simple - practice practice practice Go to the public library children's section (6th grade reading level area) again today. Take 30 minutes and speed-read as many books as each person can. Follow the basic reading principles. Read only novels that interests the reader. Trust your inner sense about each book. It is imperative that each person read according to the How to Read instructions ONLY. Resist the desire to return to your old way of reading. Even if the book seems very interesting and you want to really get into it, resist the desire to read it slowly. You must flash through the book. You are now reading the way you will always read from now on. You must continue to read in this new dynamic way. You are creating a new habit, a new...

Reading is like life

Intuitive Reading is natural - It is your native capacity to take in things in wholeness. Think of a chair. Did you come up with an image of a whole chair or did you imagine all the parts of the chair separately Initially you thought of the whole chair together as one item. As I asked, you may have parted out the chair and then imagined it in parts. Still, the first image that came to you was the whole chair. You didn't have to mull it over or talk to yourself about it - you just had it.

Rapid Eye Technology

Now, aside from what you are capable of, you will probably allow yourself to read in the thousands of words per minute range. Realistically, readers will probably see a substantial rise in both reading speed and comprehension. This is the overall goal of the reading course presented here. Beyond the reading course, my hope is that you find the spiritual giant within you that knows all and understands all. A Course in Light-Speed Reading could be your opening into that wondrous mystical realm.

What Is Reading

Imagination is our bridge to other dimensions. Libraries and Universities are full of books representing the expression of that imagination. Natural intuitive reading is one way to encourage our imagination to flourish and our minds to expand. The principle of perception accepts that we all are correct in our interpretation based upon each person's perspective. Our entire earthly experience is subjective that is, subject to personal interpretation and perception. Because of this wonderful ability to perceive, we can allow each person to have their own interpretation of their reading experience.

The Course

The most important thing to do with reading is to enjoy it. No matter whether you are reading technical material, children's books, novels, or magazine articles, fun is the most important ingredient in a successful reading experience. Relax into your reading and allow the fun to come forth.

Second Trial Instructions

4) Reflect on your reading experience. How did your body feel this time How was your visual field different than the first trial How was your emotional experience different Were you able to understand more or notice answers to the questions you missed the first time Record your comments in the space provided on page 18.

How Richard Learned to Soar

Consider what happened to Richard, a high school senior who took one of our three-week Evelyn Wood reading courses. In the same school, a group of twenty sixth-graders increased their reading scores by an entire grade level after taking a five-week Evelyn Wood course. Their average reading speed jumped from 115 words per minute to 234 words per minute. Overall, 82 percent of the students increased their comprehension and vocabulary reading levels, and 94 percent increased their reading rates.

Exercise 199 Speed Reading At Over 2000 WPM

The eye's fovea is a small spot near the retina's center filled with a high concentration of photoreceptors that allows the focal point of your vision to send visual information to the conscious thinking part of your brain. The fovea receives only a small part of the light entering the eye, and when reading, usually no more than 7 letters are acknowledged at a time. The number of jumps your eye makes with the focal point of your vision limits you to normal reading speeds. Internal verbalization ceases at speeds over 1000 wpm. As a result, auditory learners often have the most trouble quieting their mind. Evelyn Wood showed that adapting your brain to higher speeds was a learned process like any other new talent. She also demonstrated that comprehension and retention of speed read material was considerably higher. To increase your reading skills, you must open your thinking about it. Attitude is everything. You must want to read fast and affirm and believe you CAN read fast, and know...

How to Fine Tune Your Hidden Voice

Subvocal linear reading is clearly an important part of your repertoire of reading skills. Becoming proficient in this slower-paced technique will increase your reading speed far beyond its present rate and is an essential first step in Mentally Soaring with visual-vertical reading.

The Evelyn Wood Stoty

Evelyn Wood began her career as a counselor for girls at a high school in Salt Lake City. As it happened, none of the youngsters she was trying to help could read well, and good reading seemed the key to getting them back on track in their studies. So Evelyn established a remedial reading program. From this experience was born the basic Evelyn Wood method of reading at high speeds by using the hand as a pacer. Over the next two years, Evelyn fine-tuned her technique in a speech and reading course she taught at the University of Utah. In 1959 she established the first Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics Institute in Washington, D.C., and the rest is history.

Exercise 110 Improving Peripheral Vision Awareness

Since training your peripheral vision to consciously apprehend information directly involves the parafovea, your speed reading skills will greatly improve as well. Since dyslexics identify letters in their peripheral vision better than those not suffering from dyslexia, teaching them speed reading methods (above 2,000 wpm) of instruction (right brain approach) would be far more appropriate than the word by word, left brain approach.

Exercise 120 Simultaneous Motor Coordination

Learning certain motor coordinated skills can often assist you in seemingly unrelated areas. In one experiment, when kittens were deprived of the motor movement of walking after birth, they became perceptually blind Apparently, a stimulated motor center is needed to activate a cat's visual brain center. When children are deprived of the motor movement of crawling in infancy and put into walkers, some forms of dyslexia often result. Later if the crawling patterns are eventually practiced, normal reading can often develop.

Why Superior Reading and Study Skills Are So Important

In fact, more than 95 percent of college-bound high school seniors lack the necessary reading skills to enable them to succeed in their college, business, and professional lives, according to a recent U.S. Department of Education study. Also, 50 percent of students who enter college never graduate.

Advanced reading techniques

In conjunction with visual aid techniques, the reader can practise taking in more than one line at a time. This is certainly not physically impossible and is especially useful on light material or for overviewing and previewing. It will also improve normal reading speeds. It is very important always to use a visual guide during this kind of reading, as without it the eye will tend to wander with comparatively little direction over the page. Various patterns of visual aiding should be experimented with, including diagonal, curving, and straight-down-the-page movements. Most reading is done at a relaxed and almost lackadaisical pace, a fact of which many speed reading courses have taken advantage. Students are given various exercises and tasks, and it is suggested to them that after each exercise their speed will increase by 10-20 wpm. And so it does, often by as much as 100 per cent over the duration of the lessons. The increase, however, is often due not to the...

Understanding And Remembering

While developing the Alpha-Netics Rapid Reading skills, DO NOT SKIM. Skimming IS NOT READING. Do not grab a word here and there just to have something to remember. Keep pushing each individual skill. Two or more skills will become almost as one as they are developed. Your subconscious mind will begin to act more quickly and you will continue to increase speed and improve understanding and recall. Keep practicing according to the instructions you receive. Don't try to force yourself to understand and remember at first. Both of these skills will improve later. Your reading skill will go from seeing - hearing - understanding to SEEING - UNDERSTANDING. Each step you learn takes you nearer to your goal. The time and effort spent will be well worth it. Practice, practice, practice. If you work only on the skills that are easiest for you, you will develop only a part of the Rapid Reading skills. Remembering cannot be done well while you are tense. If you work on relaxation while you continue...

Using Your New Skills

Never underestimate the value of your reading skills. Remember - USE THEM, OR LOSE THEM ' WITH USE, THEY GET STRONGER ' What you have learned with the Alpha-Netics Rapid Reading Program is a very small step in the learning process you have started. Even though you may now read 2-5 times faster than you did at the beginning, with the proper, continued practice and usage of your skills, you can take your skill level higher and higher. The only limitation on your reading and learning skills is yourself. You have increased speed, understanding and the ability to remember what you have read. You can strengthen these skills or lose them. What you do is up to you Set regular, daily practice times. Make the program a part of your life until your new skills become the dominant reading skills. This could take a few weeks or a few months. IT DOES NOT MATTER What does matter is that you do not lose the most valuable skill you have ever developed, and that you develop this skill further until...

You Should Return To This Point Often And Review These 5 Steps To Success

At the end of your 1st week of practice (at least 7 hours of practice), you should be reading 450 to 850 words per minute (wpm). Your understanding should be satisfactory to you. You should have an understanding of how new reading habits are formed and how old reading habits are broken.

Please Follow Instructions Exactly

When you are told to do so, remove this lesson tape and put your Metronome Practice Tape in your cassette player. Keep your practice book on hand. Turn on the recorder and go through the entire Metronome Tape. The Metronome Tape is only 15 minutes long. It is very important that you practice at rates as far above your normal reading speed as you can. As you continue your practicing, you need to be able to focus your attention and practice in the areas that will benefit you most. At the end of the 30-second comprehension testing period, do as instructed and mark the spot where you stopped reading. At this time, do not be concerned with your reading rate. When you have completely gone through the Metronome Tape, come back to this point. DO IT NOW

Instructions And How To Get The Most Out Of This Program

The ALPHA-NETICS RAPID READING PROGRAM incorporates the most effective of the known teaching methods. It is important that you understand that even if the program may be a perfect teacher, you will not be taught unless you want to be. If you do as the program instructs, you will amaze yourself at the rapid and substantial increase in your basic reading and learning skills. You are the most important and critical part of the program. You should also bring with you a book from which you normally read or study. It could be the same book you start with, but we recommend you use a book from the area in which you most need to improve your reading skills. In this way, you begin to use and apply your newly-found skill to your normal reading, immediately.


Ordinary reading skills won't do in today's world because there is too much information and too little time to assimilate it. If you read at the average speed of 250 words per minute, you're at a major disadvantage trying to take in the facts and concepts you need to perform well in school or on the job. For that matter, you're at a severe disadvantage even at speeds of 400-600 words per minute a rate that's in the top range for the most experienced students and adults. Our goal for the nation's students is bold, to say the least We want record numbers to achieve supersonic reading skills and honors-level academic performance. Yet I'm convinced that this goal can be realized if you practice the principles set forth in these pages.

English Derivations

If you do not practice regularly, your reading skills diminish. If you practice ineffectively and sporadically, at best your skill development and your performance will follow an up and down pattern. (See Illust. 6 and 7). These illustrations illustrate the development pattern of the reading skill if you practice regularly (Illust 6) and if you practice irregularly (Illust. 7). You have briefly used and have been instructed in the usage of the Metronome Practice Tape. The importance of using the Metronome Tape cannot be overemphasized. The steady beat of the metronome develops the fluid, smooth movement so essential to relaxed reading and to improved reading skills. At slower speed, or beats, you will probably be getting full comprehension. This is good If you are to increase the ability to read, you must push yourself beyond the limits of your present abilities. You are instructed to stay with the beat. When the beat slows down, you will find yourself seeing, and then reading, two...


The Alpha-Netics Rapid Reading Program was designed so anyone can use it. It does not matter how accomplished a reader you may be or how poor a reader you may be. The users of the program are competing only with themselves and the goals they set. Everyone can use the program and improve reading skills. Everyone starts at his or her level of competency, regardless of what that level may be. In other words, this program is only interested in the development of your reading and learning skills.

Guiding Questions

Do not kid yourself into thinking that you are going to create artificial time to practice techniques. Most people will not. Just use it No matter how tempting it may be to revert to inefficient reading habits, follow the steps of the PhotoReading whole mind system before reading in any other way.


The programmation tape is a very valuable tool. The more quickly you program your subconscious, the more quickly you can begin to effectively use your newly developed reading and learning skills. In the beginning, use this tape twice a day. If this is not possible, use the Programmation Tape in the morning, while you are fresher and more relaxed, and go through the relaxation exercises in the evening. The more often you use both of these practice tapes, the more easily you will develop the reading skills. His visualization is so vivid that the subconscious does not know the difference between imagined and actual. If, in his mind, he has already gone over the bar, the center that controls his habitual actions has a much easier time doing it the second time. Use the power of visualization in all you attempt to do and learn. Another very important fact to always keep in mind is that if you clearly and vividly imagine something, your subconscious does not know the difference between...

Reading Rate

It is much easier to be motivated to do something if you know your efforts are being rewarded. It is much easier to see where help is needed in the development of your reading skills if progress is recorded. It is much easier to set honest, lofty goals if you know exactly what your progress has been, and exactly where you are and what you have had to do to get where you are.

Part Three

The misconception many people have is that it is impossible to read any faster than they can speak, that anything faster is skimming and or spot reading. This conception would be true if there were no other reading skill available to learn. You are at this point now. You are restricted, at this time, to reading only as fast as you can pronounce the words as you see them. If you try to read faster than you can speak, or sound the words, you will begin skimming, or spot reading, and lose a great deal of the meaning of what you are reading. These two misunderstandings and misconceptions prevent many people from trying to improve their reading skills. Others who have these misconceptions and begin to use the Alpha-Netics Rapid Reading Program, have a difficult time until they mentally accept the fact that their reading skills can be improved. It is because of the need to mentally accept this fact that there is much detail and repetition in the program. A very important point that must be...


If you practice a day and skip two, as on a weekend, you will lose in the two-day weekend vacation what you gained, or learned, in the day's practice. With consistent practice, it does not take very long to learn and to program the reading skills into the subconscious. A few weeks of practice now and you will have the reading skills working for you your entire lifetime. Regular practice assures the repetition needed to learn the reading skills. Practicing twice a day, even for shorter periods, is better than one longer practice a day. Learning to relax is the most important skill step you have learned. Because of this importance, you should go through the different relaxation exercises at least twice a day and do not make the relaxation time a part of your scheduled practice time. You can practice relaxation at any time during the day or night. Find a place you can be alone, relax and visualize. Don't do it while you are driving a car, you may go to sleep. Many...

Reading Conditions

When you begin to practice as instructed, you are going to be doing things that are contrary to your primary habits. This will begin to develop tension. As you push yourself across the printed page and you are intentionally trying not to see the words, you are going against your normal reading habits. To avoid building tension, you must make every effort to relax. This effort will make your learning easier. Your biggest road block to learning these new reading skills is tension. The most important step you must take in developing your Alpha-Netics Rapid Reading skills, is learning the skill of relaxation. It is a skill, and like any other skill, it can be learned with practice. You will be given passive relaxation exercises to help you develop the relaxation skill. Once you learn it, you will be able to relax at any time, and in any place. If you can relax this way, you will be able to function more effectively with dynamic relaxation exercises. It is important that you understand and...


Poor reading habits make reading tedious. Imagine yourself trying to speak a foreign language that you do not know well. You must translate every word you hear in order to understand. Trying to speak in one language and mentally translate to another language is difficult. Only when a person can speak and think in the same language is clear understanding and rapid communication possible. This is also true with reading. Only when a person can stop translating will the reading skills of speed, understanding and remembering be increased.


You have already learned that if your eyes flow smoothly over the print, you can eliminate the problems of convergence and fixation. You learned that as your eyes move steadily and smoothly across the page, they begin to see the print better and with increased concentration. You also begin to understand the words better than you have ever before and the understanding is being triggered by the sight of the words and not by the sound. Once you have learned the reading skill to this point, how fast you can read will be determined by the speed at which you can see. The first step, or skill, you learn is smooth, fluid movement of the eyes, in tune with a beat, either applied or implied (with or without the metronome).


It is imperative that you move steadily and smoothly over the print. Use your hand in all your practices, as well as in your normal reading, until you move naturally and fluidly over the print. You are moving your eyes at 60 beats per minute, which is 540 wpm, if the lines you are reading average 9 words per line.

Sees Understands

If you are not a doctor and are not familiar with what is written in a medical journal, you will not understand what is written in one, even if you have acquired these new reading skills. Trying to read the medical journal would be the same as attempting to read a book written in Russian without prior understanding of Russian.

Helping Your Child Learn To Read

Helping Your Child Learn To Read

When parents help their children learn to read, they help open the door to a new world. As a parent, you can begin an endless learning chain: You read to your children, they develop a love of stories and poems, they want to read on their own, they practice reading, and finally they read for their own information or pleasure. They become readers, and their world is forever expanded and enriched.

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