What mind map users have said

Mind Maps have been described by those who have used them, from five-year-olds to those at all levels of business and education, in the following ways:

'a Neme Machine!' ('neme' meaning 'a thought as a gene')

'the device that helps you look after yourself'

'the mental training tool'

'a Mind-Mirror'

'a brain-caring device'

'my mental volcano'

'a device for accessing intelligence'

'a goal-centred thought network'

'a device for manifesting intelligence'

'the epitome of summarising devices - use a Mind Map, save a tree! Save a tree? Save a forest!' 'the embryonic manifestation of Super-Logical Thought' 'the most comprehensive creative thinking technique' 'a multi-dimensional mnemonic [memory-enhancing] technique' 'a consciously self-controlled electroencephalogram!' 'an externalisation of the brain's internal thought patterns/maps' 'the way, at last, in which I can enjoy using my brain!' 'the pathway(s!) to mental Freedom'

'a Mind Map is an externalisation of all aspects of cortical skills and intelligences, allowing the brain to gain access more fluidly, gracefully and rapidly to its vast store of abilities' 'to the Information and Space Age, what linear note-taking was to the Industrial Age'

Or, as one user put it when first using Mind Maps: 'It is as if I'd been driving ail my life with a dirty windscreen and suddenly the Mind Map cleared it for me.'

All these descriptions are appropriate and relevant. Taken together, they reveal the Mind Map as the next step in the progression from linear ('one-dimensional'), through lateral ('two-dimensional'), to Radiant or multi-dimensional thinking.

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