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The mind map book : how to use radiant thinking to maximize your brain's untapped potential / Tony Buzan, with Barry Buzan. p. cm.

Originally published: London : BBC Books, 1993. ISBN 0-525-93904-0 1. Intellect. 2. Brain. 3. Thought and thinking. I. Buzan, Barry. II. Title.

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photograph, page 2: Natural Architecture Plate I


Dutton would like to thank the following for providing photographs and for permission to reproduce copyright material. While every effort has been made to trace and acknowledge all copyright holders, we would like to apologise should there have been any errors or omissions.

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For technical reasons all but four of the Mind Maps in this book have been copied (these are named in the following list as 'original'). All other artworks, except the sketches by Tony Buzan on page 73 have been drawn by Julian Bingley. The Mind Maps, however, remain the copyright of their owners as listed below.

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The authors would also like to offer their special thanks to Dr Stanley and Boeing for allowing the reproduction of Dr Stanley in front of his Mind Map masterpiece! (See page 171.)

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