Using The Full Range Of Mental Skills

A quick way of judging the excellence of your own or any set of notes is to look at the list of mental skills on pages 33-4 and check how many of these skills are incorporated in the notes - the more the better.

The notes opposite, by Leonardo da Vinci, demonstrate the point. He used words, symbols, sequence, listing, linearity, analysis, association, visual rhythm, numbers, imagery, dimension and gestalt - an example of a complete mind expressing itself completely. The notes, also opposite, by Picasso are similarly comprehensive. You can try to guess which notes have been written by da Vinci and which by Picasso as a limbering up exercise before trying the Notes by the Great Brains Quiz on pages 295-304. (See also page 18.)

In Notes by the Great Brains Quiz (page 295), you will find more examples of great thinkers expressing themselves in ways that reflect the full range of their mental skills.

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Making Time Work With You

Making Time Work With You

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