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Business is actually far more closely related to education than is commonly realised. In both environments, communication is central. And any act of communication involves imparting and receiving information; in other words, teaching and learning.

So preparing business presentations is almost identical to preparing examination or essay Mind Maps (see Chapter 22). It also bears many similarities to self-analysis and problem solving Mind Mapping (see Chapters 18 and 19).

• Having drawn your central image, the first step is to do a quick-fire Mind Map burst of any ideas that come to mind which are in any way connected to the topic you have chosen.

• Look again at your quick-fire Mind Map, organise your main branches and sub-branches, and fill in any other key words that come to mind. As each key word will take up at least 1 minute of your presentation, it's a good idea to restrict your Mind Map to a maximum of 50 key words and images for a 1-hour speech.

• Look at your Mind Map again and pare it down even further, getting rid of all extraneous material. At this stage you should also put in codes to indicate where youwish to insert slides, videos, particular cross-references, examples, and so on.

• Now consider the order in which you wish to present your main branches and number them accordingly.

• Finally, allocate an appropriate length of time to each branch, and then just follow your own instructions!

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