The story of a great mind map artist

In 1984 Ulf Ekberg, a Swedish ship's captain who was also an expert on computer systems, took a Mind Mapping course. Great things were expected ofhim, for he regularly contributed cartoons to his company's journals, and he i also started studying portrait and landscape painting. At the end of the course, when all the students had to complete their final Mind Maps, Ulf's mind went blank!

Disappointed and frustrated, he went home for the weekend, vowing to devote several hours to completing the course in the grand manner he had dreamed of.

Pardy to rid himself of the day's frustrations, he went to work on the large boat he kept in his back garden. It was a freezing winter's day in Stockholm, indas Ulf finished his task he slipped and fell 10 feet on to the ice-hard ground. To his delight, he landed on his feet perfectly. But, as he confidently took a step, he fell to the ground in pain and literally had to crawl back inside. The doctor confirmed that Ulf had two hairline fractures in the heel of each foot, and that he would not be able to walk properly for at least two months.

After his anger at his enforced immobility had subsided, Ulf decided to fulfil one of his lifetime ambitions - to do a painting in the style of Salvador Dali. He planned to use as his subject a single-image Master Mind Map which incorporated everything he had learnt on his course as well as his own interpretations and extrapolations. Among the concepts he wished to include were:

• Introspection - the brain seeing itself seeing itself seeing itself...

• The Roman ideal of mens sana in corpore sano ('a healthy mind in a healthy body/a healthy body in a healthy mind')

• Love as an essential element for healthy brain function.

• The brain as synergetic - its parts adding up to more than its whole.

• The mind's ability to create whatever it wishes.

• Juggling as a metaphor for balance and self-control.

• The strong sense of justice found in a highly trained brain.

• The biggest brain on the planet.

• The basic question of existence.

• Einstein's theory of relativity seen in the context of the brain as an infinite association machine.

I Understanding bringing an end to war. i The brain as magical.

»Mistakes as acceptable and enjoyable parts of the learning process. ► The breaking of all known boundaries.

Claudius Borer
Natural Architecture Plate 13 118
Ulf Ekberg Mindmaps
Mind Map by Claudius Borer showing how application of basic principles (the roots) will lead to appropriate fruits! (See page 116.)

Kathy de Stefano's Mind Map expressing her idea of the ideal job (see page 116).

Mind Map Artist

Mind Map by Dr John Geesinck of Digital Corporation, exploring the concept of love without the use of word (seepage 116).

Claudius Borer

FREEDOM V Exf"lokaTiON ^

Kathy de Stefano's Mind Map expressing her idea of the ideal job (see page 116).

Mind Map by Dr John Geesinck of Digital Corporation, exploring the concept of love without the use of word (seepage 116).


This first true example of Mind Map art has already been published in limited editions and is rapidly becoming a collectors' item.

Exploring Ekberg's Art-Mind Map will introduce you to many ideas not yet mentioned in this chapter and will inspire you to develop your personal Mind Mapping style even further.

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