The Results Of Research On Notemakingtaking

These findings are supported by many academic studies on note-making/taking, especially those by Dr Howe of Exeter University.

fDr Howe's studies aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of different types of noting. Effectiveness was judged by how well students were able to talk from their notes, indicating a full and integrated understanding. They also had to be able to use the notes for review purposes, to provide accurate recall and considered responses in examination conditions where the notes were no longer available. These were the results, from worst to best:

1. Complete transcript notes given.

2 Complete transcript notes personally made.

Sentence summary notes given.

Sentence summary notes personally made.

^ Key word notes given. (These sometimes proved to be particularly poor because the person who received them was unable to make appropriate mental associations.)

Key word notes personally made.

Howe's studies show that brevity, efficiency and active personal involvement are of crucial importance in successful noting.

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