The mind map laws and recommendations

The laws

The Mind Map laws are intended to increase, rather than restrict, your mental freedom. In this context, it is important not to confuse order with rigidity or freedom with chaos. All too often, order is perceived in negative terms as rigid and restrictive. Similarly, freedom is mistaken for chaos and lack of structure. In fact true mental freedom is the ability to create order from chaos. The Mind Map laws will help you do exactly this. They are divided into the laws of technique and the laws of layout:

Technique 1

Use emphasis

Use association

Be clear

Develop a personal style

Layout 1

Use hierarchy

Use numerical order

The recommendations

The recommendations supplement the laws and are sub-divided as follows:

Break mental blocks


Prepare opposite: Natural Architecture Plate 12

Mind Mapping Techniques Puzzle Blocks


1 Use emphasis

• Always use a central image.

• Use images throughout your Mind Map.

• Use three or more colours per central image.

• Use dimension in images.

• Use synaesthesia (the blending of the physical senses).

• Use variations of size of printing, line and image.

• Use organised spacing.

• Use appropriate spacing.

mat Use association

• Use arrows when you want to make connections within and across the branch pattern.

Be clear

• Make line length equal to word length.

• Connect lines to other lines.

• Make the central lines thicker.

• Make your boundaries 'embrace' your branch outline.

• Make your images as clear as possible.

• Keep your paper placed horizontally in front of you.

• Keep your printing as upright as possible.

T Develop a personal style


1. Use hierarchy 2

Jm Use numerical order

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