The Future Of Computer Mind Mapping

Computer Mind Mapping is in its infancy and with increasingly powerful computers and more innovative software becoming available, enormous advances will be made within the next few years. Some features which will be available in the very near future include:

1 Multi-coloured images to act as the central Mind Map image or to be attached to any part of any branch.

^ Additional, variegated and organic natural branch patterns.

3 Pen-Pad computer technology will make the input to computers much like traditional Mind Mapping. The inevitable improvement in portable computer technology will make colour screens universally available at reasonable cost and low weight.

This means that carrying a very powerful computer with a broad range of software will become the norm for students, managers and the general user. Mind Mapping software will become linked to other software, providing an increasing range of appropriate tools for the mentally literate computer user.

^ Group Mind Maps generated by computer users at different locations around the world will soon be able to be made via modems and/or networks allowing the connected members to simultaneously generate a Mega Mind Map giving rise to the Global Mind Map.

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