The family mind mapping study day

The family study plan can be used by any family whose members wish to increase their knowledge, whether for academic purposes or simply for general interest. It has been designed to make studying as efficient and enjoyable as possible.

Using this type of study plan and well-organised Mind Map notes, the content of a whole book can be communicated to members of the group in 30 minutes-1 hour! The study day is designed to give each member of the family over two hours of study time on an individual book. Thus in a family of four, four books can be read, Mind Mapped, understood and exchanged in a day!

The study plan has been described in detail in Tony Buzan, Harnessing the ParaBrain, Chapter 10, but the basic steps are summarised below:

Start at about 10 am with some preparatory physical exercises (30 minutes). These exercises can take the form of games, stretching or aerobics and should be more for the purpose of warming up than strenuous exertion.

Quickly browse through the text to be studied (15 minutes). Break - rest, play games, or relax in some other way (5-10 minutes).

T Decide how much time you have available for study, and divide it into chunks to cover appropriate sections of material (10 minutes).

3 Mind Map your existing knowledge of the subject, your goals and objectives and the questions you want to answer (20 minutes).

Break (5-10 minutes).

/ Take a quick overview of your book, looking at the contents, major headings, and so on. Then put in the major branches on the group Mind Map (15 minutes).

Preview the book, looking at the material in more detail, and continue building your Mind Map (15 minutes).

Lunch break (55-60 minutes).

This is the interview stage, during which you can discuss and resolve

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