The Disadvantages Of Standard Notes

There are four disadvantages of current standard note-making/taking systems: 1 They obscure the key words

Important ideas are conveyed by key words. In standard notes these key words often appear on different pages, obscured by the mass of less important words. These factors prevent the brain from making appropriate associations between the key concepts.

hi They make it difficult to remember

Monotonous (single colour) notes are visually boring. As such, they will be rejected and forgotten. In addition, standard notes often take the form of endless similar-looking lists. The sheer monotony of making such lists puts the brain in a semi-hypnotic trance, making it almost impossible to remember their content.

%J They waste time

Standard note-making/taking systems waste time at all stages:

• By encouraging unnecessary noting

• By requiring the reading of unnecessary notes

• By requiring the re-reading of unnecessary notes

• By requiring the searching for key words

They fail to stimulate the brain creatively

By its very nature, the linear presentation of standard notes prevents the brain from making associations, thus counteracting creativity and memory. In addition, especially when faced with list-style notes, the brain constantly has the sense that it has 'come to the end' or 'finished'. This false sense of completion acts almost like a mental narcotic, slowing and stifling our thought process.

Making Time Work With You

Making Time Work With You

Of course we all have the same amount of time in the day. But some people struggle to get even the simplest of tasks completed while others can work a weeks worth of jobs into one single day. Time can be our worst enemy or our closest friend. If you are struggling to find the time to get everything in order, if you want to find a way to accomplish a few more dreams and release a few of those huge tasks that seem to be forever hanging over your head, then making time work for you is the key.

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