The developing brain

When does the human brain first learn to Mind Map? 'When it is taught,' you might reply.

The correct answer is, 'The moment (and perhaps before) it is born!' Consider the way a baby's brain develops, especially the way it learns language. One of the first words babies speak is 'Mama'. Why 'Mama'? Because 'Mama' is the centre of the Mind Map! From her radiate the main branches of love, food, warmth, protection, transport and education.

Thus the baby instinctively Mind Maps internally, from the moment it is born and throughout its life, building from each radiant centre, growing branches and networks of association that eventually develop into its adult body of knowledge.

The teacher needs to ensure that those intricate networks are constantly nurtured in order to ensure that they not only continue to grow throughout the student's life, but that they can also be used externally.

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