The Brain As A Radiant Thinking Association Machine

JL Receiving

Anything taken in by any of your senses.

£ Holding

Your memory, including retention (the ability to store information) and recall (the ability to access that stored information).

J Analysing

Pattern-recognition and information-processing.

T1 Outputting

Any form of communication or creative act, including thinking.

J Controlling

Referring to all mental and physical functions.

These five categories all reinforce each other. For example, it's easier to receive data if you are interested and motivated, and if the receiving process is compatible with brain functions. Having received the information efficiently, you will find it easier to hold and analyse it. Conversely, efficient holding and analysis will increase your ability to receive information.

Similarly, analysis, which involves a complex array of information-processing tasks, requires an ability to hold (retain and associate) that which has been received. The quality of the analysis will obviously be affected by your ability to receive and hold the information.

These three functions converge into the fourth - the outputting or expression by Mind Map, speech, gesture, etc. of that which has been received, held and analysed.

The fifth category, controlling, refers to the brain's general monitoring of all your mental and physical functions, including general health, attitude and environmental conditions. This category is particularly important because a healthy mind and a healthy body are essential if the other four functions of receiving, holding, analysing and outputting are to operate at their full potential.

How To Accomplish More In A Fraction Of The Time

How To Accomplish More In A Fraction Of The Time

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