Scale And Depth

The zoom capacity of computers allows Mind Maps of immense size (Mega Mind Maps) to be created. Eventually the size of the given computer screen would limit the amount of information that can be clearly seen, a problem which with manual Mind Maps would require either a redrawing of the Mind Map on an even larger sheet of paper or continuing on a separate sheet of paper. The computer alternative is a key feature, there being three options available for handling Mega Mind Maps.

1 With the new computer technology, Mind Maps can already be drawn on the screen to a depth of fourteen levels. At the more extended levels, some of the branches of greatest detail are more difficult to read. The computer solves this immediately with a zoom facility that enables you to enlarge any given viewing area. If even further detail is required, the zoom within a zoom can be invoked. This last facility allows you to view any detail of the Mind Map, while at the same time still maintaining on the screen the original structure of the overall Mind Map.

^ As a Mega Mind Map grows, ideas near the periphery may become important enough to become new centres. The Mind Map Computer Programme allows any idea or branch to become a new central focus with all the other elements of the Mega Mind Map arranged and emanating from this new centre. Thus a vast range of 'different views' of the original structure can be taken, enormously enhancing an understanding of all the interrelationships contained within the original idea.

3 When a Mind Map becomes so large that it needs to extend beyond even the fourteen-level stage, the computer allows you to develop each branch or sub-branch into a complete Mind Map itself. This can then be linked in to the main Mind Map, giving you further levels of branch organisation.

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