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Having completed your Mind Map notes, you should review them regularly in order to maintain your understanding and recall of what you have learnt. The natural rhythms of your memory are discussed in detail in Tony Buzan's Use

Your Memory, Chapter 11, and Use Your Head, Chapter 5. The essential points are summarised here.

For a 1-hour period of study the optimum intervals and time limits for review after the study are as follows:

• After 10 minutes - take a 10-minute review

• After six months - take a 2-minute review

The information will then be stored in the long-term memory.

Rather than just looking at your original Mind Map for each review, it is best to start by doing another quick-fire Mind Map burst of what you remember. This will show what you are able to recall without any assistance. You can then check against your original Mind Map, adjusting any discrepancies and strengthening any areas of weak recall.

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