Radiant Thinking Radiant Future

In order to examine the possibilities, it is necessary to return momentarily from the cosmos to the cortex, and to search for Rader Piatt's beacons of hope in the welter of discouraging news about economics, pollution and the general global state. If we are to achieve a complete understanding of our current situation, and a more realistic interpretation of our future, it is necessary to look very closely at the single factor which most dramatically affects all future possibilities. This crucial factor is not the general environment, nor is it the theories of economics or psychology, nor even the 'basic aggressiveness of mankind', nor the 'irreversible tide of history'. The main, almost blindingly obvious factor is that which has been the subject of The Mind Map Book, and which in large part records, controls and directs the rest of the equation: the Radiant Thinking human brain.

In our increasing understanding of this incredibly complex and mysterious organ, in our increasing understanding of the family of mankind - ourselves and our radiant fellow humans - and in our increasing understanding of the inter-connectedness and relativity of all things, lies our hope for the future.


Making Time Work With You

Making Time Work With You

Of course we all have the same amount of time in the day. But some people struggle to get even the simplest of tasks completed while others can work a weeks worth of jobs into one single day. Time can be our worst enemy or our closest friend. If you are struggling to find the time to get everything in order, if you want to find a way to accomplish a few more dreams and release a few of those huge tasks that seem to be forever hanging over your head, then making time work for you is the key.

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