Here are 17 notes by great thinkers from the fields of politics, the military, architecture, art, poetry, science and literature.

They show that it is natural for an advanced intelligence to use a greater than average range of cortical skills. They are included here, for your information and entertainment, in the form of a quiz. It is suggested that you leaf through them, attempting to identify which great thinker made which note. At the time of going to press, the highest score on this quiz was 7 out of 17!

Great Brain Note B

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ACH> r^y c-oto-'-n« f«/^ J^jtL*/. /M n h fi** u-f-S^K

ft** O-f lùp- L<M<L»JeJ£y irJ-^xt C 1 j r. / , ' ' ev « A) Cl // /•

MA/J? /O iiinsfvj: -reua-Yi^? £ tL.^Uv t^Uyi* -----»

¡1 £_ c^j'^Llh- uùUvàfl*-, K*J-/r>Q V yetf'^ * H, r h r • k k ^ A M rr-

y^y/M'^ y* y 13 lCpr*fß't>'<><y ■ y kyfob" yî^f * ^ ft, Wftur f ** 14- H aW'V

.ft ^ avckP?- ^ ^ tr^Ç^ie.Â^H. 9-^-enj-Jl'hj (p^jn^ ^ /eu; U ft<c* £>- /Cr Î&Y /y f;:

Great Brain Note F

Great Brain Note G

Radiant Thinker
• ' ' • ' v/.. c

Great Brain Note I

Radiant Thinker

LittW Lamivwiio '

1 )t usr ik«n< kr.ovr vivo aijule' lav* tluv Ufr % bin Ui«! fv«-d . ^T,.

>ayi «he« c!oy>imä oi «icliÄt: ; 1 jicfe-st c! otkiiW wo^y t wlht ; D jjveiKcc sucKat«y£W vfiiV«, 1 lalùii^ alltlw r.ilf?! ryweé f. '. JLitUo L wnii wtu.> «wU; '

jQàét tkuuj\iu>w MhoMuulc tiwe

LlttioLamii ÎtH/ii tJicc, UmfLambNIMltW; j Hr. » caljeti by tijy ^¿JT,,

Sa- U calls Kiii««S'a Lijul» : TP. f Bf. Lg merk ijli/i üs ih«W , v'

ïe-fetcameàWe.ciulil: dp mjiü-e riiS!e.ib.yKi-) «lauvs. C yLitti«; Lamb G«! w flu ih»e. • * ? Little I .»ml ( ,'o.( W ils ttvr.: .^gj

Great Brain Note K

Lü-*, ^ou^J tizf. j^uL^C^. c, ajf- I o-r^t, ' ty. ^

LM, ttou


"vi-', --j-v.-^'- l-c*. cuaJj CL, eLtJc<*cJt~

jfirTjU-iA-iJte&A i

UJ 1U.U^., H.TÂJûLx }?. fJiyvo-^x . ÎUM. 'J.ï?. 'huLMj ti^Lulilà tu. M/vttvLÎ* a^À

Great Brain Note M

Radiant Thinking


Great Brain Note O

fa. Wh
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