Mind Maps Plus Software program

The new computer thinking tool for managers, consultants, professionals, students, teachers, analysts, authors, journalists and many others. May be used on any pc compatible with VGA running DOS. The first Mind Map program doubles creativity, allows flexible and instantaneous manifestation of ideas and logs levels of thought. Can translate to linear for the non-Mind Map literate.

Mind Map Kits

Each printing of a Mind Map pad has a limited edition Mind Map on it. Collect them all! The kit contains an A3 and A4 Mind Map pad of 50 pages and a pack of 6 felt-tip pens and 4 highlighters.

Body and Soul Poster

Master Mind Map poster, a limited edition poster depicting, in a surrealist manner, all the principles taught by Tony Buzan. This beautiful picture is called Body and Soul and each numbered copy is signed by the Swedish artist, Ulf Ekberg.

Brain Poster

Cartoons by Pecub

Thinking Cap Poster

By Lorraine Gill


User-friendly laminated chart of the Self-enhancing Master Memory Matrix to enable the Master Your Memory reader to memorise up to 10,000 items with additional ease.

The Universal Personal Organiser (UPO) Buzan Centre Books, This unique approach to time and self-management is a diary system, based on the techniques created and taught by Tony Buzan and the Buzan Centres. The Universal Personal Organiser is a living system that grows with you and gives a comprehensive picture of your life, your desires, and your business and family functions.

Training Courses in Mental Literacy

Full range of Radiant Thinking skills for study, work and life include courses prepared for:

• Individuals from 5 years of age upwards!

• Families of any size

• Clubs, organisations, committees

• People of any intellectual level of ability

• Learners from beginner to advanced levels

• Corporations of any size, the board and directors, managers, and all staff

Applications of the Radiant Thinking processes to:


• Stimulating and organising information

• Writing with clarity

• Speaking in a direct, inviting and powerful manner

• Training, interviewing, negotiating, directing or appraising

• Selling in a brain-friendly way


• People as individuals, in teams, meetings and groups

• Time, papers, change and information Thinking

• Problem-solving and creating thinking

• Changing attitudes about change, failing, ageing and learning

• Short and long term planning and developing projects

• Prioritising and organising projects and time

For full information on:

• Training courses in mental literacy

• The new Radiant Thinking/creativity/ remembering/reading/speaking/selling courses

• Products to learn how to learn Contact:

The Buzan Centres Ltd

Suites 2/3 Cardigan House 37 Waterloo Road Winton

Dorset BH9 1BD UK

Telephone: (0202) 533593 Fax: (0202) 534572

The Buzan Centres USA Inc

415 Federal Highway Lake Park Florida 33404 USA

Telephone: (407) 881 0188 or (800)

Y-MIND MAP Fax: (407) 845 3210

Please send a LARGE 10x30 cm (8"x 12") stamped, self-addressed envelope.

The Brain TrustlClub - Charity Number 1001012

The Brain Trust/Club is an international organisation designed to help you increase your mental, physical and spiritual awareness. This is done by waking that sleeping giant, your brain, and teaching you how to access its infinite intelligence, first by learning how to learn and then by developing specific skills in areas of your choice.

You can do this by studying in your own home, or by meeting with others who also wish to expand their vast range of mental skills as outlined in The Mind Map Book. Form your own 'mental gymnasium' and improve the following skills:

• Learning and study

• Mathematics

• Physical performance

• Communications

• Range/speed reading

• Creative thinking

• Vocabulary building/Language learning

• Personality development e Special skills

Each area within the Brain Club may be graded and certificates awarded as you reach advancing levels of competence. For details contact:

The Brain Club

PO Box 1821 Marlow Bucks SL7 2YW

Telephone: (0628) 477004

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How To Accomplish More In A Fraction Of The Time

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