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This is very similar to Mind Mapping a book, except that you are often subject to the linear progression of the lecture or presentation and do not have the luxury of being able to refer to different parts of the material at will.

For this reason, it is especially important to get an overview of the topic as quickly as possible. Before the lecture, video or film begins, you should draw your central image and as many of the main branches as you can. (Most good lecturers are pleased to help anyone who shows an interest in their subject and

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Mind Map Making History Interesting

Mind MaP by Vanda North summarising the entire MMOST technique (see page 231 and Chapter 21).

will be happy to give you a preview of the lecture showing the main areas they plan to cover.)

Again, before the lecture, video, or film begins and if circumstances permit, you can do a quick-fire two-minute Mind Map burst of your existing knowledge on the subject, in order to prepare your brain to take in new information.

As time progresses, you can fill in the information and ideas on your original Mind Map wherever they seem most relevant, adjusting your basic structure if necessary. As with Mind Mapping a book, you should always include your own comments and contributions in response to those of the lecturer.

Don't worry if the information you are receiving becomes disorganised and your Mind Map notes appear 'messy'. As we have already seen, so-called 'neat' linear note-taking is actually a far less efficient means of communicating information to the brain.

Lana Israel, the girl mentioned in Chapter 22, page 217, obviously uses Mind Maps as a standard part of her school life. Her Mind Map on page 242 is a combination of note-taking, and essay and exam preparation. As Lana said:

'This Mind Map is taken straight from my history notes. My teacher usually lectures every day and naturally I Mind Map his lectures. This Mind Map deals with America's earliest political parties and their stands. The central image illustrates the split in politics which lead to the formation of two separate parties. Just by glancing at my image, I am made aware of the theme of the Map and general characteristics of the parties. Democrats being more common men and Federalists more concerned with aristocracy. The use of pictures in Mind Mapped notes is wonderful for chunking down concepts, recalling information and making history fun. The equivalent of this Map, linearly, is at least two to three pages of linear notes - studying three pages rather than one is certainly not fun. Furthermore, this Map can be reviewed in under a minute, saving time and enabling one to remember more as key words are strongly linked. The use of Mind Mapping adds so much more to study: fun, uniqueness, creativity, stronger recall, organisation while subtracting tedious hours of cramming, review and revising. At the same time Mind Maps have helped me get As in History -"A " Definite AdvantageV

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