Mind mapping for projects and reports

Writing a project or report, ranging from a few pages to the length of a doctoral thesis, can also be made much easier by using Mind Maps.

Such projects may involve extensive research and final presentation in written, graphic and oral form, but the approach is essentially the same as that used for essays and examinations.

As in any study task, the first step is deciding how much you plan to cover within a given time. These time/volume targets are just as important in long-term projects as in short-term ones.

Then, during the research phase, you can use Mind Maps to take notes from source material, to write up research results, to organise and integrate your ideas as they emerge, and to form the basis of your final written or oral presentation. (For more on giving presentations, see Chapter 26.)

Like a Mind Mapped essay or examination answer, projects and reports written in this way are likely to be much better structured, and more focused, creative and original, than those based on the laborious traditional methods of linear note-taking, drafting and re-drafting.

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How To Accomplish More In A Fraction Of The Time

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