Levels Of Mind Map Knowledge

Regardless of your level of knowledge concerning Mind Maps, your initial approach should be to browse through the book fairly rapidly, scanning its structure, observing those areas that will be of particular interest to you, and formulating your initial goals.

After this, your approach will differ according to your level of knowledge and experience:

X Beginners

If you are a beginner, meaning that you have had either no experience with Mind Maps or only the slightest acquaintance, continue by reading The Mind Map Book as a study text. For a succinct summary of how to approach this, see

Chapter 14, pages 139-144. (For a fuller explanation of the study technique, see Use Your Head, 1989 edition, Chapter 9.)

Intermediate students

If you are an intermediate, meaning that you have some knowledge of Mind Maps and have started some form of basic application, once again use the study technique. Try to perfect your technique in the light of this book, as well as pursuing your specific goals from the Mind Map Menu in Division 5 (Uses).

«J Advanced students

If you are advanced, meaning that you have considerable experience with Mind Maps, you are advised to concentrate more on the first three divisions, focusing on those areas where either you need more in-depth knowledge, or where the information is new to you. Then scan Division 5 (Uses) in order to reinforce, refine and supplement your existing skills.

Whatever your level, we encourage you to construct - either during or after reading The Mind Map Book - a Master Mind Map of the entire book.

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