Journey Through The Mind Of A Mind Mapper Part

Returning to our Mind Mapper, we find our host - momentarily affected by previous education - experiencing a mental block.

Due to lack of knowledge about our own minds, such mental blocks strike some people dumb for seconds, minutes, hours, years, sometimes even for life. However, once you have understood the infinite associative nature of your brain, you are in a position to help it help itself.

Harnessing the brain's tendency to function in gestalts or wholes, our host simply adds blank lines to the key words on the Mind Map, enticing the brain to 'fill in1 the beckoning areas.

Once the human brain realises that it can associate anything with anything else, it will almost instantaneously find associations, especially when given the trigger of an additional stimulus.

From this point on, we watch with delight as our host completes the associative network: adding more images; second, third and fourth level ideas; linking areas; appropriate codes; and embracing outlines when a major branch is considered to be complete.

At this stage another major aspect of Radiant Thinking/Mind Mapping becomes apparent: that the Mind Map is based on the logic of association, and not the logic of time. The Mind Map reaches out in any direction and catches any thought from any angle.

Having generated enough ideas to satisfy the requirements for his or her speech, presentation, essay or exploration, our host decides to order the ideas further by giving them each a number, thus putting the Mind Map into a chronological sequence should that be necessary. (For more on chronological sequencing, see Chapters 22, 23, 25, 27 and 28.)

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