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In contrast to linear notes, a Mind Map gives the speaker freedom and flexibility opposite: Natural Architecture Plate 28

as well as order and precision.

If the audience has particular needs or questions that arise, either before or during the speech, you can immediately link them into the Mind Map. Equally, if the time available for your presentation suddenly expands or shrinks, you can edit quickly and easily. The flexibility of a Mind Map allows you to monitor your progress easily and to accelerate or expand your presentation accordingly. Exactly timed performances are impressive in themselves as well courteous to other speakers and the audience.

Likewise, if the previous speaker has made similar points but with more knowledge or force than you, then you can quickly add to or alter your Mind Map, highlighting these points for agreement and thus form the 'brilliant him, brilliant me' association!

On the other hand, if the previous speaker has made misinformed or illogical comments, these can also be linked into your Mind Map and then expanded in your presentation in order to encourage subsequent discussion and debate.

To hold the audience's interest and ensure that they follow the pattern of thought, you can build up a Mind Map as the speech progresses, introducing it as a 'simple little map of ideas'.

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