Examples of selfanalysis mind maps

The first example on page 178 (top) is a Mind Map created by a chief executive in a multinational corporation who originally wished to analyse his life in relation to his business activities. However, as the Mind Map increasingly revealed his feelings, it began to reflect all the major elements in his life.

These included family, business, sporting activities, learning and general self-development, and his interest in Eastern philosophies and practices.

He subsequently explained that, before the Mind Mapping self-analysis, he had assumed his business to be his prime concern. But, through Mind Mapping, he realised that his family was the true foundation of his life. As a result he transformed his relationship with his wife, children and other relatives, and adjusted his schedule to reflect his true priorities. I Predictably enough, his health and his mental state improved enormously, I his family became much closer and more loving, and his business improved It dramatically as it began to reflect his new positive outlook.

I The second example on page 178 (bottom) was created by a female executive

II who was considering a change of career and personal direction. She did the || Mind Map in order to see who she was and what her belief systems were. || Initially she suffered from relatively low self-esteem. However, by the time she II had completed her self-analysis, she was as radiant as the Mind Map itself.

I 181

benefits of self-analysis mind maps

X They provide a comparatively and increasingly objective perspective on the self.

** By utilising all the cortical skills, they give a full and realistic picture of the individual.

3 They provide both macroscopic and microscopic views of the individual, encompassing broad trends as well as small but nonetheless relevant details.

^W They make future planning easier and more accurate by putting it in the context of the individual's present state.

3 They act as a permanent record, thus allowing the Mind Mapper to gain a truer perspective over the long term.

They can be used to help others analyse themselves.

/ By using colours, images and codes, they make it easier to express emotions and incorporate them in self-analysis.


Having used Mind Maps for general self-analysis, the next chapter focuses on how you can use them to help solve specific personal problems.

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