Examples of mind map projects

The Mind Map on page 219 summarises a project carried out by IBM and the British government's Youth Training Scheme. The aim was to give guidance on the most effective ways of teaching young people. This summary proved so useful that it was incorporated into the IBM/YTS Training Scheme Manual, as were a number of other Mind Maps.

f Another example concerns a 13-year-old American schoolgirl called Lana Israel who has become a highly successful author with her book Brain Power for Kids - How to Become an Instant Genius co-written with Tony Buzan.

Lana's rise to fame started at Highland Oaks Middle School in Dade County, Florida, when she entered a school science project competition.

Having discovered Mind Mapping and become fascinated by it, Lana chose as her project an investigation of the effects of Mind Mapping on learning. She decided to run a series of experiments on recall and creativity, using her classmates as subjects. Like any good scientist, she divided her subjects into an experimental group and a control group, and carefully monitored the two sets of test results.

The group of students using Mind Maps showed a marked improvement in their results, and the precision and creativity of Lana's project won her first place in the county science fair. It also qualified her for the inter-state competition where she came second out of 42.

As a result, Amanda Morgan-Hagan, one of Lana's former teachers, invited her to the Eighth World Conference for Teachers of Gifted and Talented Students, to be held in Sydney, Australia. Said Amanda Morgan-Hagan: 'Lana showed me what she had done and I suddenly thought this would be marvellous for the conference, and a wonderful presentation for world educators to hear.'

Using Mind Maps as the basis of her presentation, Lana became an instant celebrity. She appeared on national television, gave numerous radio talks, and was interviewed by the leading daily newspapers. Her book got huge exposure, and she received hundreds of letters from people wanting to find out more. For an example of one of Lana's Mind Maps, see page 242.

What started out as a school science project has developed into Lana's life's work. In her words: 'Mind Mapping has helped me so much, I want to share that knowledge with other people. I want to change the face of education worldwide.' Indeed, John Sculley, head of Apple Computers, said he thinks that, through Mind Mapping, 'Lana will change the world'.

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