Examples of group mind maps in action

In recent years the group Mind Mapping method has been used very successfully by families, schools, universities and multinational companies.

A Boeing Aircraft engineering manual was condensed into a 25-foot long Mind Map, to enable a team of 100 senior aeronautical engineers to learn in a few weeks what had previously taken a few years. The result was an estimated saving of $11 million. See page 171 (bottom).

Electronic Data Systems (EDS), Digital Equipment Corporation and Nabisco have implemented group commando study programmes. Using group Mind Mapping and the Mind Mapping Organic Study Technique (MMOST), up to 120 senior members of staff were able to enter a seminar room in the morning and leave that same evening with between four and six books' worth of information understood, Mind Mapped, integrated, comprehensively remembered, and related to their professional situation.

At Oxford and Cambridge Universities, students like Edward Hughes (see Tony Buzan, Use Your Head, 1989 edition) have used group Mind Maps to obtain, with a minimal amount of time spent studying, exceptionally high firsts in their examination results.

Around the world, 'family genius groups' are being formed, in which the family becomes a group mind and the individual parents and children consistently rank first in whatever mental (and often physical!) activities they choose to pursue. For a Mind Map of a full 'family genius' study day, see Chapter 21.

Mind Map on the development of team-work by Digital executives.

Mindmap Boeing

Dr Stanley with the 25-foot long Boeing Aircraft Mind Map (see pages 170 and 261).

Examples Mind Maps For Children



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Dr Stanley with the 25-foot long Boeing Aircraft Mind Map (see pages 170 and 261).

Mind Map on the development of team-work by Digital executives.

the dyadic group mind

The most basic form of group mind is the dyadic mind, in which two individuals j work as a partnership on a particular creative project. A similar procedure is I followed as that described in Chapter 21 for the larger group mind:

The subject is defined.

The individuals separate to prepare their individual quick-fire Mind Map bursts and basic Mind Maps.

^ They meet for discussion and exchange ideas.

4 The first joint Mind Map is created. I

5 They incubate the newly integrated ideas.

{3 A reconstructed, revised joint Mind Map is created. 7 They analyse and make decisions.

In long-term projects (like the writing of this book by my brother and me) joint Mind Mapping will have several advantages. The resulting Mind Maps can be used as a way of ordering, recording and stimulating conversation in the many meetings that such a project requires. They also enable you to conduct the process over a long time, and in numerous sessions, with complete maintenance of continuity and momentum.

benefits of group mind mapping

1 This method of thinking and learning is natural to the human brain.

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