Creating And Editing A Computer Mind

Creating a Computer Mind Map is very simple. From your directory screen you select 'Make a new Mind Map'. This selection immediately creates a new display on which you enter the key word for your new Mind Map. Once this key word, your central image, is entered, the computer automatically draws, colours and positions your central Mind Map image in the middle of the screen.

In exactly the same way as you do with a standard Mind Map, you add your main themes and branches, each main branch being simply identified as a key word entry in your computer. All sub-branches are automatically positioned and coloured, each sub-branch inheriting the colour of the main theme.

In its creative stage, Mind Mapping encourages you to get information down with ease and flow and not to worry too much about precise structure and the correct placement of ideas. The new Computer Mind Mapping provides an excellent separation of the creative and editing parts of the process.

Once created, branches can be repositioned, recoloured, copied, moved, and even the complete structure reorganised as required. Every single element or sub-section of each branch and indeed each branch itself, can be picked up and moved to any other location on the Mind Map. Branches can also be individually coloured with key words different from the branch line, and key words can be plain or in panelled backgrounds, all allowing for coding of themes, allocation of tasks, and the defining of different areas of responsibility.

With Computer Mind Mapping, you become an accelerated architect of ideas, able to experiment in an infinite playground of structures.

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How To Accomplish More In A Fraction Of The Time

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