Benefits of the mind map diary

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J. It provides both a macroscopic and a microscopic view of your life becoming, as it grows, a comprehensive life-management tool. It allows you to span future and past; to plan and record.

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'Linear' page from Tony Buz an's diary showing use of all cortical skills for more creative and easily remembered diary keeping (see page 192).

mm It is visually attractive, and becomes more attractive as the user's skill improves - the user eventually begins to create works of art.

^y The yearly, monthly and daily plans allow for instant review of year-long periods, with cross-referencing and observation of long-term trends.

The Mind Map diary puts every event in the context of your whole life.

The diary system is in itself a multi-dimensional mnemonic of multidimensional mnemonics! It thus provides a virtually complete externalised memory-core of your life.

vf It puts you in control of those areas of your life which are most important to you.

/ The system, by its design, encourages automatic self-development. It accomplishes this by allowing the brain to use more effectively the recently discovered TEFCAS model of learning. The TEFCAS model refers to the fact that the brain operates by 7rial, after which there is an £vent, followed by Feedback, which is then Checked by your brain and to which it Adjusts towards its always and ultimate goal, Success.

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How To Accomplish More In A Fraction Of The Time

How To Accomplish More In A Fraction Of The Time

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