Benefits of mind map notes and the master mind map

X They enable you to keep the whole knowledge 'picture' in view at all times, thus giving you a more balanced and comprehensive understanding of the subject in its entirety.

^ They take up far less space than linear notes. Between 10 and 1,000 pages of text can be summarised on one large Mind Map page.

^ They give your brain a central focus and structure within which to integrate your knowledge of any subject.

Mind Map Brain
Mind Map by Lana Israel in preparation for a history exam (see pages 219 and 240).
Mind Map Know Your Brain

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They increase your brain's 'hunger' for knowledge.

3 They allow you to relate your own thoughts and ideas to those expressed in books, lectures or presentations.

They are far more effective and efficient for review purposes.

/ They enhance your memory and understanding of books, lectures and presentations, enabling you to excel in any course of study.

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