Benefits of dyadic mind maps

X Dyadic Mind Maps allow your brain to assimilate immediately a whole range of complex and inter-related items of information, bringing all the issues into clear focus. They also give the brain a pre-structured framework for association, ensuring that all the relevant elements are taken into consideration.

Dyadic Framework
The 'X' Exercise! (See pages 128-9.)

£ They utilise the full range of cortical skills, resulting in a more comprehensively considered decision.

J They use images, colours and dimensions to add the necessary creativity to the decision-making process.

T They also use colours and images to bring vital emotional responses into the decision and help to highlight the major points of comparison.

The Mind Mapping process itself often results in or triggers a decision.

O They generate a greater number of specific items than any list method, thus ensuring a more accurate final decision, especially if the number-weighting method is used.

I They use a greater than usual range of cortical skills, thus releasing the brain's intuitive, superlogical abilities.

8 They provide a balanced and comprehensive environment in which appropriate choices can be incubated.

J By clearly reflecting the internal decision-making process, they enable the individual to remain focused on all the elements relevant to that decision.


Having familiarised yourself with dyadic decision-making, you are ready to make the transition to polycategoric Mind Mapping. The next chapter introduces you to this exciting technique which will help you make more complex decisions and organise your own ideas.

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