Benefits of creating artistic mind maps

X Development of artistic skills and visual perception, which in turn enhance memory, creative thinking and self-confidence.

Stress-reduction, relaxation and self-exploration. Pleasure.

Providing good 'role models' for other Mind Mappers. Achieving a greater understanding of the work of great artists.

Commercial. (For example, a five-year-old English boy became entranced with Mind Maps, started to do at least two a day, and sold each one for five times his weekly pocket money!)

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Making Time Work With You

Making Time Work With You

Of course we all have the same amount of time in the day. But some people struggle to get even the simplest of tasks completed while others can work a weeks worth of jobs into one single day. Time can be our worst enemy or our closest friend. If you are struggling to find the time to get everything in order, if you want to find a way to accomplish a few more dreams and release a few of those huge tasks that seem to be forever hanging over your head, then making time work for you is the key.

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